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OMEGA testing platform

Versatile, programmable, and expandable – a multi-application universal optical testing platform.

Hardware architecture separation design; The hardware architecture design of the platform adopts a core board, backplane, and functional testing module
Platform+modular design, multi application, scalable, and hot swappable
The chassis is equipped with slot recognition, power on control, and other functions, supporting hot swapping
There are various control methods; The module control board provides various control interfaces such as USB, SPI, serial port, etc

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Product Overview

Optical manufacturing automation testing can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. A versatile and programmable optical testing platform is the most ideal solution for building optical manufacturing automation testing systems.

The Dimension universal optical testing platform provides a complete set of multi application optical testing solutions for high-end laboratories and highly stringent manufacturing production environments. Innovative design with dual slots; The ALPHA testing platform and the 11 slot OMEGA testing platform adopt a hardware architecture design of a core board, backplane, and functional testing module slot. The core board and functional testing module adopt standards; The USB protocol enables seamless compatibility with the widest range of optical performance testing modules in the industry, enabling rapid one-stop automated testing of various performance indicators for optical devices and other products..

Main features

•  Hardware architecture separation design
The platform adopts a hardware architecture design of core board, backplane, and functional testing module. The core board and functional testing module communicate using standard USB protocol

•  Platform+modular design, multi application, scalable
Platform+modular design, compatible with multiple optical performance testing modules, flexible configuration, and easy scalability

•  Hot swappable
The chassis is equipped with slot recognition, power on control, and other functions, supporting hot swapping

•  Diverse control methods
The module control board provides various control interfaces such as USB, SPI, serial port, etc

•  Control and Automation
The platform supports network and USB control, and multiple testing instruments work together to program and build an automated testing system

•  Configuration and Performance
OMEGA testing platform adopts Intel; Skylake U architecture, onboard Core i5; CPU& Nbsp; The ALPHA testing platform adopts ARM+Linux architecture, with built-in touch screen display, supporting button and touch control, flexible and convenient

•  Rich slots
OMEGA offers 11 slots and up to 10 functional module controls, while ALPHA offers dual slot and dual functional module controls

•  industrial design
OMEGA adopts a standard 19 inch 3U chassis design, suitable for rack installation or desktop testing

•  Module power supply
The module supports 24V/2A power supply and can provide 48W power support for functional modules

Main applications

Laboratory optical performance testing and verification
Optical Device Manufacturing Testing System
Communication equipment testing automation system
Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Robot Control System;

OMEGA Optical Testing Platform

OMEGA is a scalable and programmable 11 slot universal optical testing platform, with Intel motherboard; Skylake U architecture, onboard I5-6300U; 2.4GHz (standard), I7-6600U; 2.6GHz (customizable) supports dual channel DDR4 and SO-DIMM memory slots, with a memory capacity of up to 32GB, and supports various displays such as VGA and HDMI, as well as dual channel independent displays.


OMEGA testing platform adopts Windows; 10 operating system, in addition to the software and applications developed by Windows and Dimension, users can also choose to install any supported third-party applications and support various USB devices.

1. Fast startup, strong processing power, and support for multitasking

2. Can use OFFICE office software, convenient and fast

3. It can connect devices such as printers, cameras, mice, keyboards, Bluetooth WIFI modules, AUTOGET end face detectors, etc.

ALPHA optical testing platform

ALPHA is a compact and programmable dual slot universal optical testing platform; Adopting ARM+Linux architecture with built-in 3.5&# 39& Nbsp; Touch screen display, with built-in GUI, supporting buttons and touch control, can quickly and accurately measure without the need for additional control devices such as PC, flexible and convenient. The ALPHA chassis is equipped with a built-in gravity sensor, which supports horizontal and vertical screen placement. Very suitable for laboratory or small-scale automated production testing environment specifications.


performance parameter





15-6300U 2.4GHz(Standard configuration17-6600U 2.6GHz(Customizable



Skylake U



Holding dual channelsDDR41866/2133MHz SO-DIMM, UP to 32GB(wrongECC)


Hard disk

M. 2 * 1, SATA2 * 1,built-in256G SSD


Module Communication Protocol

USB 2.0

USB 2.0

Number of modules

provideelevenSlot position,tenfunctional module

twoSlot position,twofunctional module

strand mouth

RS232 * 1

network card




USB3.0 * 3, USB2.0 * 1


Display Joint

HDMI * 1, VGA * 1


Trigger Port


Module power supply


Supported modules

Stable light source/Optical power meter/Optical switch/Adjustable optical attenuator/Polarity detector/BERTetc.

input voltage

AC 90-260V 50Hz

working temperature

10 ℃~40 ℃

Storage temperature

-40 ℃~80 ℃


462mm * 374mm * 171mm

359mm * 274mm * 115mm

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