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BINNA2 Automatic Fiber Endface Interferometer

Auto-focus, auto-alignment – the epitome of single-core interferometer functionality.

Fiber optical height reaches  -1000-1000nm
Automatic angle adjustment
Auto focus, auto proofreading, one click measurement
0.5s; Complete individual connector testing
Strong seismic resistance

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Product Details

Product Overview

BINNA2 is an automatic detection interface developed by Dimension Technology This device inherits the rich experience of Dimension Technology in interpreters for many years, and adds automatic focusing and automatic calibration functions on the basis of SANA2 It is the cultivation of single core interpreters&Nbsp; BINNA2 options a brand new software design, a brand new fixture platform structure, and fixture structure design, further enhancing the seismic resistance of the equipment&Nbsp; The service life and measurement stability of fixtures have also been unprecedentedly improved

Main features

Fiber optical height reaches  -1000-1000nm
Automatic angle adjustment
Auto focus, auto proofreading, one click measurement
0.5s; Complete individual connector testing
Strong seismic resistance

Main applications

Used for inspecting fiber optical inserts, jumpers, tail fibers, and bare fibers during polishing and assembly processes

-1000-1000nm; New height of optical fiber

BINNA2; The automatic detection interferometer attachments a brand new optical path design; Fiber optical height measurement range up to 1000-1000nm, suitable for various complex working conditions


Automatic centering function of fixtures

BINNA2; The intermediary fixture attachments a brand new design, and there is no need to make any hardware adjustments after installation on the intermediary Simply click the "Image Center" button on the software interface, and the software will automatically guide the positioning cursor to complete the positioning work

One click measurement

BINNA2; The front of the fixture platform is required with a one click measurement shortcut key, and the fixture locking sensing structure can automatically attach the current fixture locking status The software performs automatic measurement every time the fixture is locked


Fully automatic focusing and calibration

BINNA2; Using the latest software and hardware platforms in dimensions; SANA2; On the basis of this, automatic focusing and automatic calibration functions have been added, making the entire measurement process more conventional; 100%; Automatically complete

Extremely fast detection speed

BINNA2; Excellent software and hardware design greatly improves the speed of testing, which can be applied in; 1.5s; Internal completion; The work includes end face analysis and surface morphology measurement, which can be done as soon as possible; 0.5s; Complete the testing of a single connector internally

Automatic angle adjustment

BINNA2&Nbsp; Implementation; Fully automatic adjustment of 0-12 ° ultra wide angle, with an adjustment accuracy of 0.003 °, allowing for; APC; More accurate angle measurement


Design of fixture with adaptive locking force

BINNA2; The fixture attachments are an adaptive locking force structure design, releasing on springs to automatically adjust the locking force of the ceramic insert, ensuring consistent locking force at each time, reducing fixture wear and extending service life

Stable data connectivity and unparalled seismic performance

BINNA2; Lock type using intermediary series; USD; 3.0; Data cable safeguards stable and high speed operation in all situations; Data Connection&Nbsp; Unique hardware structure design can ensure; Stable test results and measurement accuracy can still be observed in factory environments with high vibrations

Measurement of cutting angle of bare optical fiber

Dimension Technology operations according to customer needs; BINNA2; Integrated with multiple; Product measurement function BINNA2; Can test the cutting angle of the optical fiber


Performance Parameter

ParameterMeasuring rangeRepeatabilityReproducibility
Curvature radius (mm)3~Flat± 0.3%± 0.5%
Vertex offset (um)0-250± 0.5± 1.5
Fiber height (nm)-1000-1000± 1± 2
Angle0-12± 0.01± 0.015
End face resolution0.29um
Connection methodUSB 3.0
Supply voltageDC 24V
Volume283mm * 150mm * 108mm

* Reproducibility: Repeated insertion and removal; 50  Obtained after the second calculation; Sigma; Numerical reproducibility: repeated measurement without plugging and unplugging; 50  Obtain after calculation; Sigma; Numerical value

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