Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

EasyGet2 Portable Fiber Endface Microscope

Portable, sleek design for effortless on-rack end-face detection of optical communication products.

• Compact probe, portable monitor 
• Focus ring, easy to operate
• High image quality
• Optional 200X,400X magnification
• Series of adaptor designed for connectors including MPO
• 8 hours durable after fully charged

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Product Details

Product Overview

EasyGet2 is a handheld fiber end face detection device developed by Dimension Technology, used to detect various fiber connectors, optical devices, and optical modules Defection
The portable and compact design can detect the end face of optical communication products installed on the rack The optional portable display can provide up to 8 hours of battery life
Time can fully meet the daily usage needs

Application area

Construction and maintenance of 5G optical network
• Data center
High reliability fiber optical connection
• Laboratory and manufacturing testing

Using navigation electrical interfaces for more stable connections

EasyGet2 has switched to navigation electrical interfaces based on customer feedback, providing a more stable connection method and longer service life Which it is the factory environment or the engineering site,

Our EasyGet2 always ensures stable and clear images

Longer service life and better imaging quality

The internal structure of EasyGet2 has been redesigned to provide a longer lifespan No matter how hard the usage environment is, the internal optical components will not degrade and the imaging quality remains consistent

New image capture card and new image capture software

EasyGet2 attachments a new image capture card, which identifies driver installation and is compatible with more system environments (including Windows 8 and above) Meanwile, EasyGet2

It also retains the ability to output to desktop monitors using adapter cables (optional)


Multiple product detection functions, capable of detecting MT products

EasyGet2 is equivalent with multiple adapter interfaces, which can meet the detection of variable fiber optical connectors, optical transfer modules, TOSA& Testing requirements for ROSA components and other products New addition

The added MT interface can detect MPO, MTP products, such as MPO, MTP adapters, 40G, 100G optical modules, and other products; Can fully satisfy the next high density number
According to the maintenance tasks of the center



Elbow EeayGet detector

In order to meet the testing needs of our customers for ADSLModem products, Dimension Technology uses elf connections on the basis of the EasyGet portable fiber end face tester
Mouth design to adapt to the hidden module results of ADSL model

Small size, easy to carry

The small size and easy portability make it an ideal tool for detecting connector end faces before and after network installation in engineering


Performance Parameter

Image magic400x or 200x
Video signal format;PAL
Power distribution3 W
Display3.5 "TFT
Operating temperature-5 ℃~+40 ℃
Storage temperature-20 ℃~+55 ℃
Power supply methodBuild in 12V rechargeable battery or external power supply
Working time of primary power supply;8h
VolumeDisplay: 205mm*94mm*25mm Body: 23mm*160mm
EquipmentDisplay size of 125um fiber core on an 8-inch screenWithin the observation range of an 8-inch screen125um fiber core with a display size of 3.5 inchesWithin the observation range of a 3.5-inch screenAt a resolution of 3.5 screens
Easyget 2 200Φ 44 mm340.9~454.5umΦ 20 mm312.5-425um2.5um
Easyget 2 400Φ 58 mm258.6~344.8umΦ 26 mm240-327um1.5um

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