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Optical fiber and cable testing

Dimension Technology provides portable optical time domain reflectometer for optical fiber and cable processing, testing and inspection applications.

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In the production and manufacture of optical fiber and cable, the communication performance of optical fiber and fault detection such as break point are very important. In order to help customers efficiently and quickly test fiber length, fusion point, excessive bending, internal crack, attenuation coefficient and other events and parameters, the portable optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) provided by Dimension Technology integrates the functions of light source, optical power meter and OTDR, and is highly intelligent and modular design for the processing, testing and inspection of optical fiber and cable applications. Available in a variety of single/multi-mode and wavelength models, optical switch modules can be added for testing MPO jumpers.



OTDR test module + γ handheld general test platform

OTDR, visual fault location, optical power meter, light source and other integrated design

Platform and modular design



Small and portable, light weight, one hand operation

Fault inspection of communication system at all levels

Automatic / manual OTDR mode: multi pulse width test + automatic analysis

High speed test, accurate results and high repeatability

Simple operation, no training, easy to start

Long battery life, unique replaceable smart battery

Adapt to a variety of environments

Efficiently detect optical fiber event points and related parameters

Welding point, bending, internal fracture, connector, optical fiber end, attenuation coefficient, distance, insertion loss and other detection.

Connection: OTDR——dead zone optical cable——connector——1st optical cable——2nd optical cable——nth optical cable.



It can be connected with other dimension products such as EasyGet Wifi wireless optical fiber end face detector through wireless Wifi connection or USB wired connection to test the cleanliness and surface quality of optical fiber end face. 


Platform and modular design, a variety of models

Dimension γ architecture of handheld general test platform provides a complete set of on-site optical test solutions. It can be compatible with a variety of field optical test modules including OTDR through high-speed connector interface, WiFi, USB and other ways, with strong scalability and easy maintenance and management. Customers can purchase other test modules and handheld devices for function expansion to realize one-stop measurement.


High speed test, accurate results and high repeatability

Each OTDR of dimension technology has been specially calibrated by engineers, with fast test speed, accurate results and high test repeatability. It avoid repeated measurements due to inaccurate tests, creating a high-efficiency environment for you.


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