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Cleaning and detection of optical active device ports

The detection and cleaning of the end faces of optical active devices is a very important task in the field of optical communication, as contamination of the device end faces can cause attenuation and distortion of optical signals, affecting communication quality. Therefore, the detection and cleaning of the end faces of optical active devices are important steps to ensure the normal operation of optical communication equipment and the quality of signal transmission.

Plan Introduction
Advantages of the plan
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Scheme Description

The inspection and cleaning of the end faces of optical active devices are important steps to ensure the normal operation of optical communication equipment and the quality of signal transmission.

The following are the detection and cleaning solutions that Dimension can provide for the end faces of optoactive devices:

Optical microscope:Using a high magnification optical microscope, the EasyCheck end face detector series of products can inspect the condition of the ferrule end face in detail. By observing the image of the device's end face, one can observe the quality, defects, scratches, or other issues of the end face. This is the simplest and most intuitive method, but it has certain limitations and is influenced by the operator's sense of responsibility and experience.


Automatic optical detector:SmartCheck and FastCheck Pro fully automatic end face detectors use automated algorithms for image processing and analysis, which can efficiently detect issues such as scratches or defects on device end faces. It can provide more accurate detection results, which is conducive to analyzing and controlling quality, unaffected by personnel operation factors, and saves time and cost of manual inspection.

SmartCheck has become a powerful detection tool for current 400G/800G optical modules, and can be combined with Offson Pro cleaning machines to form an automated cleaning and detection system.



FastCheck Pro fully automatic fiber end face detector It can quickly and automatically detect comprehensive defects in components and low-speed optical modules. Through network communication, a computer can control four devices to run simultaneously, effectively improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality. It can also be applied in automated cleaning and testing systems, effectively saving labor costs.


Main advantages

Fully automatic measurement
Network transmission data
Clear image quality
Collaborate with Offson Pro to form a fully automated production line

Non contact cleaning system:Offsoon Pro uses a precise non-contact gas-solvent-gas sequence to blast and remove contamination particle with Over 98% High Cleaning efficiency, and the entire cleaning process is only 2 seconds.

Optical power detection and optical loss testing:Use a high-speed optical power meter or attenuator to detect the output power and attenuation of the device's end face. By comparing with theoretical or standard values, the quality of the end face can be evaluated and the need for cleaning can be determined. The high-speed optical power meter series modules ensure both high-speed power output and meet the requirements of a large dynamic range at high speeds in terms of principle design and device selection.


In the process of research, development, production, and application of optical devices, users face the following challenges:

Improve product quality and production efficiency
How to reduce costs.
Reduce dependence on employees.
Easy to maintain, short maintenance cycle, and low maintenance cost.
Personalized customization service support.

Advantages of the Solution

As a manufacturer of end face inspection and cleaning equipment, we are committed to providing a complete solution with the following advantages:

One stop full range of end face inspection products, including manual judgment and automatic detection, are abundant and can meet various application and automation needs.

Data analysis and reporting: Automatic analysis of end face detection products, providing powerful data processing and analysis software to help users accurately analyze test results and generate clear and easy to read test reports for archiving and recording.

End face cleaning system: non-contact cleaning, avoiding secondary damage to the end face, reducing cleaning costs, and easy to operate.

Service First: Timely support for product maintenance and customization needs.

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