Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

Fastcheck PRO Fully Automatic Fiber Endface Inspector

Automated centering, focusing, exposure, and measurement – the ideal choice for automated production lines!

• Excellent detection ability to adapt to automation
• Fully automatic measurement
• Network control transmission data
• The image quality is clear

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Product Details


Product Overview

In order to meet the automation testing of optical components, modules, and connectors, and improve production testing efficiency. 
Dimension focuses on developing a FastCheck Pro Fully Automatic Fiber Endface Inspector, which is more suitable for automated production 

inspection systems. By adopting the latest combination of software and hardware, we aim to improve device clarity, enhance detection capabilities, 

achieve automatic centering, autofocus, autoexposure, automatic measurement, network communication, and IO control, making it an ideal choice 

for automated production lines.

Main features

• Excellent detection ability to adapt to automation
• Fully automatic measurement
• Network control transmission data
• The image quality is clear

Main applications

Fiber optical connectors, optical transmission modules, TOSA/ROSA; Detection of components, etc

Fully automatic measurement

FastCheck Pro is a fully automatic end face detector with automatic functions such as automatic centering, automatic focus, automatic exposure, 

and automatic measurement.


Excellent detection ability to adapt to automation

FastCheck Pro aims to achieve efficient automated production inspection, with improved hardware and software capabilities, as well as 

synchronous improvements in detection capability and stability. By combining IO communication interface with automation equipment 

and Offsoon Pro, a fully automatic cleaning and detection system is formed, achieving automatic loading and unloading, automatic 

cleaning, automatic detection, automatic capping and other fully automatic functions.


The image quality is clear

FastCheck Pro adopts a digital imaging solution, and the image quality reaches the same level as that of EasyCheck V2 series 200X. 

Encourage manual inspection during the manufacturing process of components and modules to realize automatic judgment and 

improve inspection efficiency.


Network control transmission data

FastCheck Pro supports network transmission, and the PC software can support the connection and operation of 4 FastCheck Pro devices at the same time. Say goodbye to the traditional one-to-one connection between the terminal tester and the PC via a data cable.

Network control.jpg

Performance Parameter

Optical magnetization10X
Field of view size960umX540um
Discriminative ability1μm
Measurement speed (excluding focusing)1s
Measurement methodAutomatic
Focusing methodAutomatic
Working temperature-10 ℃~40 ℃
Storage temperature-20 ℃~55 ℃
Supply voltageDC 24V
Volume286mmX101mm X86mm

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