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Enhancing Intelligent Manufacturing
Through Efficient and Reliable Automated Testing
With 16 years of experience and technological innovation in the optical communication industry, coupled with a decade-long focus on technological development and experience accumulation in intelligent manufacturing, Dimension Technology introduces a suite of automation equipment to the optical communication sector. Leveraging industry-leading end face visual inspection technology and proprietary automatic cleaning technology, we deliver intelligent manufacturing upgrades. Our solutions provide customers with efficient and reliable automated production equipment, resulting in heightened efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced quality assurance, and steadfast delivery capabilities. These advancements aim to bolster competitiveness in the fiercely competitive market, offering industry customers a strategic edge.

Key Advantages

State-of-the-Art End Face Visual Inspection:Integration of third-generation automatic end face visual inspection with stable autofocus, ultra-high definition image effects, and industry-leading defects analysis technology.Achieves an industry-leading defect detection accuracy of up to 99.5%, rendering end face defects virtually invisible.

Efficient End Face Cleaning:Integration of the third-generation automatic end face cleaning machine with Dimension's original cleaning method.Delivers efficient and stable cleaning effects, ensuring a remarkable one-time cleaning success rate of over 95% for removing dirt.

Optimized Automation Equipment and Superior Solutions:Continuous iterative optimization of third-generation automation equipment.Ensures efficiency, stability, cost-effectiveness, user-friendly operation, and easy maintenance.

Automatic Cleaning and Inspection System

Our state-of-the-art system is designed for the automatic cleaning, visual inspection, and capping of 800G/400G high-speed optical transceiver modules, LC/SC transceiver modules, MT devices, TOSA/ROSA, pigtailed devices, optical assemblies, and connectors. Customization is a cornerstone of our services, allowing us to meet specific requirements for special devices or unique processes.

Collaborating closely with our customers, we deliver tailored solutions for the manufacturing of diverse optical transceivers, optical devices, connectors, and related products. Our integrated approach encompasses automatic cleaning, visual inspection, capping, loading and unloading, and addresses specific requirements across various fields and scopes. Comprehensive data storage facilitates traceability and continuous quality improvement, contributing to the Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Revolution.

Our solution offers a concise, high-precision, high-efficiency, and highly automated approach with a compelling return on equipment investment. It stands out for its stability, efficiency, and user-friendly operation, ensuring ease of use and maintenance.


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