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GAMMA testing platform

Versatile, programmable, and expandable – a multi-application universal optical testing platform.

Platform+modular design, multi application, scalable

Implement dual operation of buttons and touch

One click intelligent automation testing

Compact and portable, sturdy body, can be operated with one hand

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Product Details


Product Overview

In the inspection and maintenance site of optical communication engineering, traditional testing equipment has a large volume and weight, which makes it inconvenient to operate in actual testing scenarios and is greatly limited by the environment. The GAMMA platform launched by Dimension Technology can adapt to various measurement modules such as OTDR, helping users efficiently and conveniently perform detection and operation in any testing scenario.

The GAMMA platform of Dimension Technology draws inspiration from the design of Android tablets and adopts a 5.5-inch color touch screen, which can achieve dual operation of buttons and touch; Compact in structure, compact in size, convenient to carry, can be operated with one hand, achieving one click intelligent automation testing; At the same time, it also has multiple connection methods, which can be extended through high-speed connector interfaces, WIFI, USB, etc. to connect to other testing modules of dimensional technology (fiber end face detectors, OTDR, optical switches, attenuators, etc.) and handheld devices or controlled by PCs, with good scalability and ease of use; The solid and reliable quality is also a consistent commitment of Dimension Technology. This platform has anti drop design and high reliability, making it an ideal tool for various types of on-site monitoring.

Main features


Main applications

Fiber optic cable testing
Server and data center monitoring
MPO jumper detection
Fiber optic end face detection
Passive and active optical device testing
Research, teaching, and testing of optical communication
Optical power test
Light source;

Platform+modular design

Dimension γ The handheld universal optical testing platform provides a complete set of on-site optical testing solutions, which can be compatible with various on-site optical testing modules including OTDR, optical switches, attenuators, etc. through high-speed connector interfaces, WIFI, USB and other methods. It has strong scalability, is easy to maintain and manage. Customers can purchase other testing modules and handheld devices for functional expansion in the future, achieving one-stop measurement.



The Android Pad system platform is designed with rich application support. Through dimensional technology and excellent UI design, users can become more intelligent and user-friendly during use, easily completing various complex optical tests. At the same time, it also has task sending and receiving functions, which can complete remote work arrangements and reports.


This testing platform can perfectly integrate into the product ecosystem of Dimension Technology. It can communicate through WiFi or USB, use dedicated apps to control other testing devices, and become a master device. It can also be controlled by other main devices through WiFi or USB, becoming a separate testing module in a testing system.


Compact and portable, sturdy body, can be operated with one hand

Thanks to the excellent ergonomic design and compact and portable size of Dimension Technology, the GAMMA platform has various ways of carrying other testing modules, making it youthful and fashionable. In terms of operation, you only need to press the shortcut key to complete the test, and the data will be automatically analyzed and saved. With simple training, the novice can also complete communication fault detection.


Long battery life,  Unique replaceable smart battery, achieving  "Never cut off power"

Using replaceable high-capacity smart batteries. The battery can be charged independently and replaced at any time. Users can add backup batteries to achieve "never power off".


Adapt to various environments and extreme weather conditions

In order to cope with different scenarios and professions of testers, Dimension Technology has made specialized improvements to the reliability of this type of testing equipment, making its use more flexible and more applicable.


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