OT-200 data center 16 core multimode OTDR

Multi-core MPO Fiber Testing with Detachable Optical Switch, Ideal for Operator Networks and Data Centers.

·One-click testing,Multi-channel testing can be specified(Up to 24 cores)
·Platform and modular design
·Small and portable, light weight, one hand operation
·Built-in dust-proof design 
·Long battery life, unique replaceable smart battery
·Display data intelligently
·Single-mode and multi-mode fiber types available

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Product Details


Product Overview

In FTTX, data center, enterprise network and other projects that require high integration of multiple cables, MPO/MTP is used more and more widely,and this is the trend of optical communication development.Based on the rapid development of market demand, how to effectively deploy MPO cables has become an urgent problem that needs to be solved at present. Dimension's OT-200 is equipped with an MPO optical switch, which has all the features of an OTDR, and makes corresponding improvements for the MPO deployment scheme, which is suitable for various scenarios.OT-200 can independently complete multi-fiber one-stop troubleshooting, supports up to 24 fibers, and can completely replace MPO to multiple single-core connectors for testing, greatly improving deployment efficiency and effectively reducing troubleshooting difficulty for technicians.

Main advantages

One-click testing,Multi-channel testing can be specified(Up to 24 cores)
Platform and modular design
Small and portable, light weight, one hand operation
Built-in dust-proof design
Long battery life, unique replaceable smart battery
Display data intelligently
Single-mode and multi-mode fiber types available

Main applications

The deployment of multi-cable highly integrated projects such as data centers
MPO/MTP Link Troubleshooting
Construction of MPO fiber optic cables for enterprise network and central network

One-click testing

OT-200 can test MPO devices directly without using multiple single-core connectors to MPO test solution,and it can realize multi-channel one-click test (up to 24 cores).




Small and portable, light weight, one hand operation

Thanks to the excellent ergonomic design and small and portable body shape of Dimension Technology, it can be carried in different ways, young and fashionable.

In operation, just press the shortcut key to complete the test, and the data can be automatically analyzed and saved. It only need a little training, novice can also complete the communication fault inspection.

4-small portable.png

Built-in dust-proof design

The adapter on the OT-200 has a built-in dust-proof design, which can effectively prevent the port from being contaminated or damaged when not in use.

5-Built-in dust-proof.png

Display data intelligently

Intelligently display the data and visualize the core condition of the current preset task, remind the actual condition of each optical fiber link by color.

6-Display data intelligently.png


The OTDR can be perfectly integrated into the product ecological chain of Dimension Technology. It can communicate through WiFi or USB, use Dimension’s app to control other test equipment and become a main device.

Besides, It can also be controlled by other main devices through WiFi or USB to become a test module in a test system.


High speed test, accurate results and high repeatability

Each OTDR of dimension technology has been specially calibrated by engineers, with fast test speed, accurate results and high test repeatability.

It avoids multiple tests caused by inaccurate tests and greatly improves the test efficiency.

8-high speed test.png

Optical switch can be controlled independently

The OT-200 can complete the OTDR link correlation analysis, and can also directly use the optical switch to control the light output of the multi-core link.

The UI interface is also specially designed, and the current link is visualized in the upper right corner by imitating the front view of the MPO end.

9-optical Switch.png

Single-mode and multi-mode fiber types available

The optical switch of OT-200 can choose single-mode and multi-mode fiber types to meet the test needs in different environments. 

Long battery life, unique replaceable smart battery

The whole series of OTDR of dimension technology adopts replaceable high-capacity intelligent batteries. The battery can be charged independently, with a life time of up to 8 hours; The battery can be replaced at any time, backup battery can be added to realize "No power off".


Adapt to a variety of environments

In order to cope with different scenarios and testers of different occupations, dimension technology has specially improved the reliability of such test equipment, making the use of equipment more flexible and applicable.


Performance parameter

Dynamic rangedB33/3126/24
Pulse width (ns) 5/10/30/50/100/275/500/1000/2500/10000/20000
Event dead zonem1
Attenuation dead zonem5
Loss resolution0.001dB
Distance uncertainty ±(1+ 0.005 % x distance + sampling resolution)
Distance rangekm0.1~1800.1~10
Switch  wavelength range (nm)1250~1670850±40 & 1300±40
Switch Insertion loss (Without connector)>1.5dB
Switch  Channel crosstal>70dB(SM/APC)>55dB(MM/PC)
Memory capacity16G(Extensible)
Monitor type5.5-inch IPS HD display
Power supply Lithium battery:5V,6400mAh
Operating temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature–40 °C to 70 °C 
Humidity0 % to 95 %(Non-condensing)

OPM( options )
Wavelength rangenm800nm~1700nm
Measurement rangedBm-65+10
Measurement inaccuracy+/-5%
Calibration wavelength850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625
VFL (options )
Wavelength rangenm63nm~670nm
Working modeCW/1Hz
Connector typeFC/SC/ST/LC

Ordering information


OTDR dual wavelengths, single mode, 33dB dynamic range, with OPM, with VFl, Fc/Pc adapter, wavelengths 1310/1550,24 channels switch.
OTDR dual wavelengths, multi mode, 26dB dynamic range, without OPM, without VFL, Fc/Pc adapter, wavelengths 850/1300,16 channels switch.

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