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Automatic cleaning and detection system for optical components

LC/SC Optical Components CVI System

Provides automated cleaning and visual inspection for LC and SC optical modules.
Detects contamination, scratches, defects, and damages with precision.
Utilizes cotton swab cleaning and/or compressed air and solvent cleaning techniques.
Implements an efficient tray system for loading and unloading optical modules.
Features a flexible fixture design allowing for swift and easy re-configuration.
Developed in-house, ensuring an automatic and reliable cleaning and inspection system.
Demonstrates high integration, automatic functionality, stability, and ease of operation.
Offers a significant Return on Investment (ROI) for enhanced cost-effectiveness.

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Product Details


Product Overview

The fully automatic LC and SC components CVI system provides an intelligent solution encompassing device loading/unloading, end face cleaning, and PC and APC end face visual inspection. Supported by Dimension's cutting-edge visual inspection capability and patented cleaning technology, this product offers a cost-effective approach for efficient and highly reliable fiber end face cleaning and visual inspection in both production and maintenance scenarios.

Main advantages

Auto Cleaning and Visual Inspection: Provides automated cleaning and visual inspection for LC and SC optical modules.
Accurate Defect Detection: Detects contamination, scratches, defects, and damages with precision.
Versatile Cleaning Methods: Utilizes cotton swab cleaning and/or compressed air and solvent cleaning techniques.
Tray-Based Loading/Unloading: Implements an efficient tray system for loading and unloading optical modules.
Flexible Fixture Design for Quick Re-configuration: Features a flexible fixture design allowing for swift and easy re-configuration.
In-House Development by Dimensions: Developed in-house, ensuring an automatic and reliable cleaning and inspection system.
Highly Integrated and Automatic: Demonstrates high integration, automatic functionality, stability, and ease of operation.
Optimized Return on Investment (ROI): Offers a significant Return on Investment (ROI) for enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Main applications

Manufacturing of LC and SC Optical Assemblies for Transceiver Modules
Performance Testing of LC and SC Optical Assemblies for Transceiver Modules

Performance parameter

Dimensions: W2350 x D850 x H1750mm
Production Efficiency: ≤ 6 seconds
Cleaning Yield Rate: ≥ 95%
Defect Detection Accuracy: ≥ 99.5% for defects ≥ 1 μm
Power Input: 220V, 50/60Hz
Input Air Pressure: 0.5-0.65MPa

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