Automatic fiber endface cleaning system


The traditional contact fiber endface cleaning, the operation skill requires high, low efficiency , high cost, and easy to cause endface damage. At present, the demand for optical devices is increasing. In order to meet the production demand, improve efficiency and reduce cost, non-contact automatic cleaning of fiber end surface has become the first choice for manufacturing.



The fiber endface automatic cleaning system adopts non-contact cleaning method, through the cleaning principle of liquid + gas, quickly dissolve the stains on the fiber endface, and with the injection of high pressure dust-free gas, the cleaning liquid and oil stains will be blown away together, which will not cause damage to the endface. Also it can be combined with automatic feeding system and endface inspection equipment to build an automatic production line.


                                                                             Single fiber automatic inspection system        



                                                                                                                       MT automatic inspection system



High cleaning efficiency, safe and humanized design, simple and easy to use, rich cleaning adapters, can be used in automatic production line.