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Optical Network Engineering: Build, Operate, and Maintain

The global communication network architecture is rapidly transitioning towards all fiber optic networks. With the continuous increase in high-speed data services and high bandwidth requirements, the reduction of fiber optic construction costs, coupled with competition from operators and support from relevant policies, fiber optic access networks will continue to replace traditional copper Ethernet networks. Major manufacturers are constantly moving towards the direction of all fiber optic network architecture. In the construction of the internal network and data center of the enterprise park, PON optical network, Ethernet optical network, etc. are mainly used.

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Traditional copper cable networks require cable replacement during bandwidth upgrades, unlike optical cables.

This makes the transition to all-optical networks inevitable for enterprise networks and data centers.

When constructing the DCI (Data Center Interconnect) solution for enterprise optical networks and data centers, considerations go beyond high-quality bandwidth to include simplified operations, intelligence, and security.

To address these challenges, we offer an all-in-one intelligent high-end detection solution.

Our aim is to assist clients in meeting the evolving demands and innovations in the field of optical communication for the construction, detection, and maintenance of enterprise networks and data centers.



With the continuous improvement of enterprise informatization, the demand for network and data center construction is on the rise. Many enterprises face the following challenges in the construction of all-optical networks and data centers:

1. Technical Complexity: The construction involves multiple technical areas such as network architecture design, server configuration, and security protection, posing significant technical challenges for enterprises.

2. Time Costs: Enterprises need to invest considerable time and manpower in network and data center construction, impacting normal business operations.

3. Maintenance Difficulty: In case of issues in the network or data center, prompt maintenance and repair are essential, yet often lack professional technicians for the operation.



1、A comprehensive range of one-stop fiber optic testing products, covering end-face and link inspections. With a rich selection, our products cater to various applications and automation needs. They offer flexibility in real-world applications, are easy to operate, portable, and enable efficient and rapid deployment for network and data center construction, saving you significant time and manpower.

2、DIMENSION provides a complete range of one-stop testing products with powerful data processing and analysis software. This aids users in accurate result analysis, generating clear and readable test reports for easy archival and documentation.

3、With our solutions and products, businesses can swiftly and efficiently carry out network and data center construction. Additionally, they can access professional operation and maintenance services, enhancing the company's level of informatization and competitiveness.

4、Our professional team supports product maintenance and customization requirements.



Acceptance of FTTx fiber links or other optical fiber links after construction

Optical probe

Through the strength of link signal output, the quality of link construction can be efficiently judged. At the same time, it integrates RJ45, visual fault location and other problems that often need to be solved by on-site construction.

· Ports are designed with non-contact measurement

· Configure the RJ45 sequence and hunt function

· No additional test adapter

· Configure the visual fault location function


FTTx Optical fiber link or other optical fiber links faults locating


Effectively measure the key information such as the length, insertion loss, return loss, and overall link condition of the optical fiber link, and draw the link image, and efficiently locate the link anomalies that occur during the construction of the optical fiber link.

· Easy to operate and complete the test with one hand

· Integrated multiple link troubleshooting functions

· High test accuracy, small blind area, accurate positioning

· Link condition image visualization


The end face contamination of optical fiber links cannot be avoided, and the actual condition of the end face need to be checked

Portable Fiber End Face Tester

The portable fiber end face detector can detect the quality of the end face and effectively troubleshoot the end face damage or contamination caused by on-site installation and replacement of connection segments.

· Lightweight and portable, easy to use, fast and intuitive

· Support Wifi and USB data transmission

· Software compatible with mainstream intelligent terminals (Wins/Android/iOS)

· Self-powered smart battery, up to 5 hours per operation


The end faces of optical links are dirty and need to be cleaned

Efficient end face/connector cleaning tool

When there are problems related to fiber end face contamination, it is efficient and clean to achieve high quality fiber link system.


· EASYSTICK cleaner: can clean the fiber end face at the same time can make ceramic sleeve

· The stain on the inner wall is swept away

· NEOCLEAN cleaner: Single touch operation, no special skills required

· OPTIPOP Fiber connector cleaner: card design, more accurate cleaning


The connector of the optical fiber link is abnormal and needs to be replaced quickly

Fast connection

On-site optical fiber connector, with a unique optical fiber docking mode, matching liquid spot coating design.


· Repeatable assembly

· The total length is only 52mm

· Suitable for harsh ambient temperatures

· Simple and convenient assembly

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