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Offsoon Mark II Plus Fiber Endface Cleaning Machine

Non-contact, swiftly and efficiently cleans with precision

• Non-contact to protect fiber endface
• Over 95% High Cleaning efficiency   
• Safety and humanized design
• Easier operation
• Fully functional, one key operation               
•Various cleaning tips

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Product Details


Product Overview

Take full account of the convenience of the operator, and optimize the original design to make the operation of the cleaner simpler.Offsoon Mark II Plus can quickly and efficiently clean female connector endface, solve the problem of difficult cleaning of the female connector endface, ensure no foreign material connection, and achieve optical characteristics of low insertion loss and high return loss. Applications include Optical transceivers cleaning , TOSA / ROSA cleaning, attenuators cleaning.

Main advantages

• Non-contact to protect fiber endface
• Over 95% High Cleaning efficiency   
• Safety and humanized design
• Easier operation
• Fully functional, one key operation               
•Various cleaning tips

Main applications

Port cleaning of optical transfer module;
Cleaning of fiber end faces for TOSA and ROSA
Cleaning of the fiber end face of the Yin Yang optical observer

Non contact cleaning

Off&Nbsp; Mark &Nbsp; II &Nbsp; The Plus fiber end face cleaning machine attachments the cleaning principle of liquid+gas The cleaning solution can quickly dissolve the stakes on the end face of the optical fiber, combined with a jet of duty-free gas; Blow away the cleaning solution and oil stays together, and the entire cleaning process only takes 2 seconds to ensure that the fiber optic cable is completely free of dust

Single cleaning rate up to 95%

Offsoon Mark  II  Plus improves the gas circuit structure, increasing the pressure resistance of the equipment, identifying problems of dirt and liquid residue, and significantly improving cleaning efficiency


Safe and user friendly design

Offsoon Mark  II  The effective and conservative way to add cleaning solution with Plus saves time and effort&Nbsp; And non contact cleaning will not damage the end face; The liquid and gas sprayed out by the machine are directly pickled into the reflex system under high pressure, which will not cause harm to the human body

Simpler operation

Offsoon Mark  II  On the basis of the original design, Plus is required with hydraulic and pneumatic adjustment devices, and operators do not need to perform any pressure adjustment Add a display screen and buttons to visually display the number of cleaning times and the duration of spraying, spraying, and suction, and the duration can be adjusted independently At the same time, default cleaning parameters for common connector types are built in for users to refer to and use


Performance Parameter

Term OrderParameter
Gas SourceDry and clean N2,CO2,Gas
Gas supply pressure0.4MPa to 0.6MPa
Power distribution5W
Operating temperature+5~+35
Storage temperature-10~+55
PowerDC 12 ± 0.5 V
Cleaning time2S
Net weight (including handle)6.05Kg
VolumeBody:W205mm * H92.5mm * L256mmCleaning handle:W24mm * H45mm * L110mm

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