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PPC-04 Disturbance and Muller Polarizer

Generates mutually orthogonal Mueller polarization states with high-speed 5MHz depolarization, enabling rapid polarization-related loss testing!

• Dual functions of disturbance and polarization control
• High speed disturbance function (max = 5MHz)
• Channel polarization control range: 0-4 π
• High speed polarization scanning (10kHz)
• Serial port command control

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Product Overview

The PPC programmable controller is an instrument that integrates polarization control function and polarization disturbance function in Dimension Technology, and is an important testing instrument for optical passive testing systems.
Polarization disturbance function: Based on high-speed optoelectronic materials as phase controllers, three boards are guided at different angles to convert any polarization input state into a random polarization state, covering the Poincare sphere at high speed, and finally outputting a stable circularly polarized light. It has excellent performance with low insertion loss and high disturbance frequency. Its deviation frequency can reach up to 5MHz.
Polarization control function: By controlling the signal, different polarization states of light can be output, and polarization state scanning can be controlled through software. Combined with the high-speed optical power meter synchronous sampling of Dimension Technology, it can perform high-speed automated testing on the polarization correlation of optical devices, with a maximum scanning speed supporting 10kHz.

Main advantages

• Dual functions of disturbance and polarization control
• High speed disturbance function (max = 5MHz)
• Channel polarization control range: 0-4 π
• High speed polarization scanning (10kHz)
• Serial port command control

Main applications

Testing of Polarization Correlation in Optical Passive Devices
Laser polarization characteristic scanning test
Polarization correlation testing of photodetectors
Testing of Coherent Optical Communication Systems
High speed automated testing of polarization correlation

Dual functions of perturbation and polarization control

This device integrates polarization control function and polarization disturbance function. The two modes can be switched through the panel buttons, and the high-speed scrambling function can reach 5MHz.


Polarization control range: 0-4 π per channel

Unlike ordinary polarization controllers that can only control 0-2 π, Dimension Technology's polarization control range can reach 0-4 π per channel, achieving ultra-high range polarization control, achieving more polarization state display, and improving testing accuracy.

Construction of an ultra high speed automated polarization state testing system

Due to the advantages of programmable control, this device can directly set and adjust the relevant polarization state change frequency to be consistent with the frequency read by the power meter, and cooperate with the high-speed optical power meter of Dimension Technology to achieve ultra-high speed automated polarization state testing at 10kHz& Nbsp;


Supports serial communication programming

The device supports USB serial communication, and the internal program is open-source, making it easy to connect with a PC and complete programming.

performance parameter

ordering information

Polarization controller
Working wavelength1260-1650nm
insertion loss< 2dB
Activation loss<0.05dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)0.05ps
Polarization related loss (PDL)0.05dB
Maximum carrying light intensity1000mw
Polarization control rangeAll channels 0-4 π
Number of polarization control channels3
Polarization disturbance
modelstandardhigh speed
Working wavelength1260-1650nm800-1800nm
Working wavelength range100nm
insertion loss< 2dB< 3dB
Disturbance frequency1kHz5000kHz
Maximum carrying light intensity500mW
size359mm x 274mm x 115m
supply voltage24V


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