Manufacturing and R&D for Active Optical Components Realize effectiveness and accurate testing to meet the continuous development and innovation in the field of optical communication!

Advantages of the plan

Challenges and pay points in testing optical active devices

1. Requirements for testing accuracy: With the development of device technology, the demand for high precision testing is becoming increasingly progressive, requiring testing equipment to capture small errors and ensure high quality output of products
2. Multi protocol and multi rate testing: Different applications and scenarios require different protocols and rates to be supported, which requires testing solutions to have strong adaptability
3. Testing complexity of high speed data transmission: With the increase of data transmission speed, such as 400G and 800G, the testing process and technical requirements have become more complex, requiring efficiency and high performance testing instruments
4. Compatibility and integration between devices: In a complete testing environment, different devices must be seamlessly integrated, which requires a high degree of integration and compatibility

Based on the above challenges, the following are the advantages of our solution

1.  Ultra high precision testing: Our error code analyzer, CDR and other equipment are industry leading, ensuring high precision testing results and meeting strict product quality requirements
2.  Multi protocol and multi rate support: Our testing solution has been deeply customized and optimized to meet the testing needs of multiple protocols and rates, improving you with maximum flexibility
3.  Professional testing for high speed transmission: With advanced testing technology, we provide you with professional testing solutions for high speed data transmission such as 400G and 800G, ensuring data integrity and stability
4.  Perfect device integration: All the devices we provide, such as observers, optical switches, power meters, etc., have one strict integration and optimization to ensure seamless collaboration during testing, greatly reducing compatibility issues
5.  Continuous technical innovation and service support: Our team always pays attention to the latest developments in the industry, consistent research and innovations, and provides you with continuous technical support and optimization suggestions

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