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800G and 400G module cleaning and visual inspection system

Function: Automatic cleaning, detection, and loading/unloading of 800G and 400G high-speed optical modules

Testing content: dirt, scratches, scratches, damage

Cleaning methods: pre cleaning with a cleaning pen, cleaning with a cleaning machine solution

Tray tray loading and unloading, flexible fixture design, achieving rapid model conversion

Independently developed highly reliable automatic cleaning and detection system for dimensions

High integration degree of automation process, considerable return on investment, stable performance, and simple operation and use

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Product Details


Product Overview

Revolutionizing the cleaning and visual inspection of MPO optical modules, our system seamlessly integrates automated module loading and unloading with comprehensive cleaning and inspection functions. This all-in-one solution is designed for high efficiency, reliability, precise inspection capabilities, and features patented cleaning technology that translates into a substantial Return on Investment (ROI). 

Our MPO module cleaning and visual inspection system not only boasts cutting-edge technology but also prioritizes user-friendliness. Operating and maintaining the system is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Experience a new level of efficiency and reliability with our state-of-the-art MPO module cleaning and visual inspection system.

Main advantages

1.Comprehensive Automation: Achieve automatic cleaning, visual inspection, and loading/unloading for a variety of high-speed optical modules.
2.Precision Detection: Accurately identify contamination, scratches, defects, and damages with advanced detection capabilities.
3.Versatile Cleaning Methods: Utilize pen-type cleaning and/or compressed air and solvent cleaning for optimal module cleaning.
4.Flexible Fixture Design: Adapt to changing requirements seamlessly with a flexible fixture design, allowing for quick re-configuration.
5.Patented Cleaning Technology: Benefit from a patented cleaning technology that ensures a high pass rate, enhancing overall performance.
6.High Precision, Efficiency, and Stability: Experience a system that delivers high-precision results with efficiency and stability at its core.
7.User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance: Operate and maintain the system with ease, making it accessible for users at all levels.
8.Diversified Data Storage: Ensure traceability and maintain stringent quality control through diversified data storage options.

Main Applications

Auto cleaning and visual inspection for 800G/400G/200G/100G optical module 

performance parameter

  • Dimensions: W2000 x D1000 x H1750mm

  • Production Efficiency: ≤ 20 seconds

  • Cleaning Yield Rate: ≥ 95%

  • Defect Detection Accuracy: ≥ 99.5% for defects ≥ 1 μm

  • Power Input: 220V, 50/60Hz

  • Input Air Pressure: 0.5-0.65MPa

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