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With the continuous development of communication technology, optical fiber communication has become an independent part of modern communication field. In order to ensure the quality and performance of optical fiber communication, optical fiber testing and maintenance have become significantly important. Dimension's versatile OTDR fiber optic tester helps field technicians reliably and cost-effectively install, turn on, troubleshoot, and monitor any optical network architecture. The product adopts the architecture of test module + handheld universal test platform, integrating OTDR, visual fault location, optical power meter, light source and other applications. It can expand the end detection function, which can realize multi-pulse width test + automatic analysis. It has the advantages of high precision, multi-function, easy operation, high reliability and stability to create an efficient test environment for users.

We provide you with the most accurate and complete optical fiber link verification!

Dimension Technology's self-developed high-performance OTDR is equipped with highly stable light sources and high-precision optical power meters, helping you build an efficient, stable, and reliable optical fiber link system!
Key Benefits: Our OTDR has a high dynamic range and optical eye switch design to quickly locate fault points in fiber links and provide accurate test data and analysis reports. Multiple test modes are also supported, including single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber testing to meet different types of fiber links.

The multi-core measurement series solves your test efficiency problem

Dimension Technology's self-developed multi-core OTDR can test multiple fibers at the same time, saving a lot of testing time. It can test multiple fibers in a single test cycle which improves the test efficiency. High efficiency and time-saving: Using the multi-core OTDR can avoid the operation of testing multiple fibers one by one. It can test multiple fibers simultaneously, reducing the time and labor of manual operations; it also measures the attenuation and reflection loss of multiple fibers at the same time, providing more comprehensive test results. The visual optical eye switch design offers an intuitive graphical interface and data analysis, making the test results easier to understand and analyze. Dimension Technology's multi-core OTDR can display the test curves and fault locations of multiple fibers, helping you to quickly locate and solve problems.


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Integrating OTDR, visual fault localization, optical power meter, light source, and other applications to meet various detection needs

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