Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

AutoGet Portable Intelligent Fiber Endface Microscope

Equipped with innovative software and hardware architecture, enabling automatic analysis, autofocus, and report generation.

• Auto focus / Auto exposure setting / Auto centering
• Auto analysis / Auto reporting in Excel format
• High image quality
• LED indicator for working status
• Compact and Slim
• Compatible with IEC 61300-3-35
• Quick and one-click measurement

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Product Details

Product Overview

AutoGet is an intelligent portable fiber optic end face detector developed by Dimension Technology, equipped with a brand new hardware and software structure to achieve automatic judgment and analysis
Functions such as autofocus, automatic report generation, real-time image transmission and saving, and local image zooming in and out By zooming in on the image at 400 times, clear light can be observed
The scratches and dirt on the fiber end face enable the software to accurately identify defects

Application area

Mainly used for data centers, base stations, equipment detection, and other outdoor environments for detecting and measuring single core and multi core fiber end face defects

Automatic analysis function

Through years of research and development, Dimension Technology has achieved automated analysis of fiber end faces, which can determine which end faces are qualified according to industry standards or customer defined standards Through self
The dynamic analysis function can automatically achieve Pass/fail judgment based on the set judgment criteria for the end face results

One click measurement function

AutoGet is required with a measurement button that enables one click measurement, and the results are displayed through a three color display light Click on "Auto Focus" on the interface to achieve one click auto focus, which is more common
Implement end face measurement


Image analysis algorithm measures less than 2 seconds

The high speed focusing algorithm and effective image analysis algorithm ensures that the overall measurement time is less than 2 seconds, and the comprehensive algorithm and structural design ensures the accuracy of the test results

It can greatly improve measurement effectiveness in various usage scenarios

Full range of adapter interfaces

AutoGet is required with a full range of adapter interfaces, which can meet the needs of fiber end face inspection in various cases Other for factory or on site use, AutoGet is simple
The portable design and diverse interfaces enable precision measurement


Performance Parameter

Image magic400x
Resolving power1.0μm
Focusing methodAuto Focus
SystemPC/Smart Phone
Power distribution2W
Operating temperature-10 ℃~+55 ℃
Storage temperature-20 ℃~+60 ℃
Power supply methodUSB powered
Volume182mm X 48mm X 25mm

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