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New Fiber Elbow Adapter

Addressing diverse fiber end-face detection needs for various structures and special applications.

• Exclusive 70 degree elbow adapter, accessibility to use
• 360 degrees rotate
• Slim metal body
• Compatible with all handheld devices

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To meet the diverse needs of fiber end face detection, Dimension has designed a variety of methods for different types of fiber end faces, component structures, and application scenarios
Rich end face detection interface adapter With the further extension of optical network technology applications, traditional straight detection interface adapters can no longer meet special application scenarios
In order to meet the needs of different structures and special application scenarios for fiber optic end face detection, Dimension Design has launched a series of handheld end face detection devices specifically designed for this purpose

70 degree bonding joints, which are compatible with all handheld end tests under Dimension, adapt a thin metal structure and can rotate 360 degrees, making them easy to use

Flexible and conserved, it can easily solve the detection problem of special fiber end faces, bringing unexpected conservation experience to users

Application area

• Optical network equipment/device manufacturing
• Data center
• FTTx
• Optical network transmission center
• Enterprise network machine room


Thin metal structure, 70 degree bonding, accessible for use

The joint rotations 360 degrees, making it conservative and flexible


Good compatibility, serialization, and easy scalability

The exclusive 70 degree bonding joint and the existing hand held end face detection devices EasyGet, EasyGet WiFi, AutoGet, and AutoGet WiFi of Dimension have achieved comprehensive integration

Compatibility expands the application range Users can choose appropriate bonding joints according to their own needs to achieve detection and analysis of fiber end faces in certain special scenarios

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