EC200/40KC Dual Magnification  Fiber Endface Inspector

EC200/40KC Dual Magnification Fiber Endface Inspector

Dual Magnification Inspector

High definition image

Various interface designs

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Dimension recently launched the EasyCheck Dual Magnification Fiber Endface Inspector, model EC200/40KC, using the latest optical system scheme to realize the simultaneous detection of the entire end face of the fiber and the ferrule using double-rate. The advantage of this device is that it can view the double rate end face at the same time by focusing once, saving the time for the step detection of two devices, and effectively improving the production detection efficiency.

Main Features

•Dual Magnification Inspector

•High definition image

•Various interface designs


•All kinds of fiber connectors, TOSA/ROSA components and so on.

Dual Magnification Inspector

Focusing at one time can check the condition of the double-magnification endface at the same time. Large-magnification can detect small defects, and small-magnification can detect entire  areas, which can save one workstation and effectively improve production efficiency.


High definition image

With coaxial illumination optic magnify system, Easycheck can easily find the slight defects and scratches on fiber endface. High resolution image sensor and 8"pure black and white digital TFT LCD can show the most real details of fiber endface. 

Various interface designs

EasyCheck dual magnification fiber endface inspector series products are equipped with a variety of adapting interfaces, which can meet the testing requirements of various products such as  fiber connectors, TOSA/ROSA components.