Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

EasyGet Digital Portable Fiber Endface Microscope

Digital imaging solution, user-friendly operation with USB retractable cable for display connectivity.

• Digital imaging solution, clear image and low noise
• Lightweight and portable, easy to use
• The best companion for EasyCheck V2
• Rich adapter interfaces, complete functions

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Product Details

Product Overview


The EasyGet Digital portable digital end face detector adapters a digital imaging scheme and uses a USB spring cable to connect the display device, making it easy to operate Can work with EasyCheck V2

It is easy to connect to various F email connectors for detection, and can also be connected to a PC for manual judgment and detection of the end face through PC software

Application area

Construction and maintenance of 5G optical network
• Data center
High reliability fiber optical connection
• Laboratory and manufacturing testing

Clear digital imaging image quality

EasyGet Digital attachments a digital imaging scheme Compared with analog imaging schemes, the image quality is clear, the noise is small, and the contrast of end face defects is clear, improving employee detection comfort


Lightweight and portable, simple and easy to use

EasyGet Digital is lightweight, portable, durable, and easy to use with one hand control The unique surrounding style focuses on providing users with a simple and clear operating experience


EasyCheck V2's Best Company

EasyGet Digital can be interconnected with Dimension Technology's EasyCheck V2 fiber end face detector to easily handle the detection of various female connectors


Full range of adapter interfaces with complete detection functions

EasyGet Digital has over 50 types of connector adapters that can meet variable detection needs of users and support MPO/MTP And special connector testing

The interface is customizable The interface is universal with the dimension handheld end detector


Performance parameter

Resolving power0.42um
Image sensor5 megapixel CMOS
Optical magnetization10X
Particle detection size≪ 1μm
Video signal formatMJPEG
Display Field of View512umX384um
Focus ModeManual
Signal output modeUSB
Power supply methodUSB
Auxiliary functionsWith white LED ambient lighting
Working temperature-5 ° C to+40 ° C
Storage temperature-20 ° C to+55 ° C
Relative humidity≪ 90% (under working/storage temperature conditions)
Foot storage211mm × 44mm × 33mm

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