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Fiber Connector Core Tuner S Tester

Precision Alignment Tool for Fiber Connector Concentricity Inspection.

Accurate numerical values and high reproducibility
Auto focus, auto exposure
Automatically mark the KEY key position
Detectable APC connectors
Strong seismic resistance and easy operation

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Product Details

Product Overview

Core Tuner is a fiber optic connector concentration inspection and adjustment instrument developed by Dimension Technology based on years of experience in precision instrument development and industry technology Powerful

The image processing capability of Core Tuner gives it excellent performance, accurate numerical values, high reproducibility, automation and intelligence, simple and conservative operation, and seismic resistance

Strong and durable This time, Dimension Technology has launched two semi automatic Core e Tuner C and fully automatic Core Tuner S models for different customers

Application area

Used for fiber optic plug end face detection and concentration adjustment during polishing and assembly processes


Powerful testing capabilities

The Core Tuner cannot only measure the concentration of assembled fiber optical connectors, but also test the concentration of unassembled fiber optical connectors and bare plug cores

And the end face inspection of single core inserts and connectors, by adjusting the deviation angle of the fiber core and marking the assembly position, then reducing the loss of the fiber optical connector and making the connector

The overall quality has been greatly improved


Accurate numerical values and high reproducibility

Repeat the test data for 20 times using 100000 aged fixtures on 10 pieces of tested parts


Auto focus, auto center

The Core Tuner has functions such as autofocus, autoexposure, and autocenter, making it easy to operate To cat to the usage habits of some users, this product also comes with
Backup manual focus button

Automatically indicate KEY key position

In the 2.5mm/1.25mm Ferrule measurement mode of the Core Tuner, after completing a single testing task, the hardware automatically adjusts the Bearing angle to
Within the required range, the software image should also indicate the location of the KEY key for marking subsequence assembly work


Detectable APC connector

The Core Tuner can not only detect PC connectors, but also directly test APC connectors without changing fixtures


Performance parameter

ModelCore Tuner CCore Tuner S
Connector rotationManual rotationAutomatic rotation
Measurement time8s4s
Same core reproducibility± 0.1 μ M± 0.08 μ M
Repeatability of steel angleBearing± 10 °± 5 °
Focusing methodAutofocus
Image brightnessAutomatic adjustment
Applicable product typesPC& APC 1.25mm Ferrule& Connector
PC& APC 2.5mm Ferrule& Connector
Supply voltageDC 24V

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