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Distributed fiber optic sensing monitoring system

A distributed fiber optic sensing system, in which fiber optic is both a sensing sensitive component and a transmission medium, adopts advanced OTDR technology to detect real-time and online changes in spatial temperature and strain along the entire fiber optic cable. It can facilitate networking to achieve online monitoring, early warning, and fault diagnosis systems, and complete the full lifecycle assessment and management of the measured object.

Plan Introduction
Advantages of the plan
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Scheme Description


Dimension's distributed fiber optic OTDR is designed based on modules and platforms, integrating OTDR modules, Raman scattering based DTS modules, Brillouin scattering based DTSS modules, and distributed vibration monitoring DVS modules. It can monitor fiber optic loss, temperature, strain, and vibration in real-time, online, and continuously. It is widely used for fault monitoring and safety warning in the production, laying, operation and maintenance stages of power grids, Realize automated comprehensive performance monitoring and management throughout the entire lifecycle.

Main applications

Troubleshooting and monitoring during the production, laying, and maintenance of power optical cables
Thresholds for overvoltage in overhead cables, pipeline cables, distribution and transmission links
Rate detection and warning
Temperature/strain/sag/icing/vibration monitoring of OPGW
Power cable strain testing for manufacturing, installation, and maintenance
Anti theft and intrusion monitoring of power pipelines, submarine cables, etc
Structural safety inspection of power equipment

Main advantages

•Multi functional: The same instrument enables fiber optic OTDR, temperature, strain, and vibration monitoring

•Platform+modular design, strong compatibility and scalability

•Integrated monitoring system communication and sensing

The same instrument can achieve fiber optic OTDR, optical power, temperature, strain, and vibration monitoring, and can be extended through optical switch modules for channel expansion;


Platform+modular design
Platform+modular design, strong compatibility and scalability, multi-channel expansion optical switch;


Integrated monitoring system communication and sensing
The monitoring system integrates communication and sensing, with optical fibers serving as both sensing and communication components, allowing for direct transmission of monitoring results to the monitoring center.



● 电力光缆生产、铺设、维护中的故障排查与监测

● 架空电缆、管道电缆、配电、送电环节过热点的阈值和速率检测及预警

● OPGW的温度/应变/弧垂/覆冰/振动监测

● 针对制造、安装和维护的电力线缆应变测试

● 电力管道、海缆等的防盗、入侵监测

● 电力设备的结构安全检测


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