Tunable Light Source Tunable Light Source
Tunable Light Source
TLS-100 tunable laser,
Precision capture, accurate to picometers of rapid scanning
TopLight, which integrates optical detection technology from Dimension Technology for 16 years, brings your testing needs to new heights with Excel testing accuracy, effective scanning speed, and unparalled reliability It accuracy, speed, And stability all report our technical strength and professional commitment to ensure that you can observe related test results in any application environment By using build in wavelength calibration devices and precision calibration algorithms from Dimension Technology, the tunable light source locks wavelength accuracy to the picosecond level, Making it a key instrument for scanning and testing wavelength depends on optical devices and modules such as WDM


Wide tuning range:Covering O band (1260 to 1360nm) and C+L band (1525 to 1630nm), provides a wide range of wavelength options for multiple applications.

Ultra-high resolution and precision:Wavelength resolution up to 0.1pm, matching accuracy ±20pm, to ensure accurate and reliable light output.

Fast scan rate:The maximum speed is 100nm/s, which meets the requirements of high-speed application scenarios.

Excellent stability:The outer cavity design ensures continuous and stable output, effectively avoiding the influence of external environment.

User-friendly interface:The powerful software graphical user interface (GUI) makes the operation more intuitive and convenient, improving work efficiency.

Wavelength scanning system with tunable light source

Dimension Technology built a wavelength scanning system based on TopLight, a tunable light source combined with a high-speed optical power meter and a polarization controller.IL, WDL, PDL, RL, Ripple, channel crosstalk and other parameters can be tested to effectively verify the quality of WDM devices.

With user-friendly software, you can test with one click and automatically set all parameters for one-click measurements. You can also reuse tunable light sources using Dimension's exclusive LTU Sync controller for further efficiency and cost savings.

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