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800G/400G high-speed optical module testing

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the new generation of computing power is leading us into an unprecedented era. The computing power center centered here is rapidly growing and becoming the core driving force behind technological revolution. In this technological context, the demand for 800G and 1.6T optical modules is growing exponentially, bringing high-speed transmission speed and bandwidth to data centers, supporting faster and more efficient computing.

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As artificial intelligence technology rapidly develops, the new generation of computing power is ushering us into an unprecedented era. The demand for high-speed data communication, driven by artificial intelligence, has become the central driving force behind the technological revolution. This demand is exponentially growing for 800G and 1.6T optical modules, which bring high-speed transmission and greater bandwidth to data centers, thereby supporting faster and more efficient computing.

Drawing on 16 years of extensive experience in optical communication testing, Dimension Technology supports the research, development, manufacturing, and testing of 800G active optical modules. This includes multi-interface and multi-protocol signal testing, module luminescence, light collection testing, optical performance testing of modules, and solutions for port detection and cleaning.

Protocol and signal testing

As bandwidth requirements in data centers rapidly expand, the optical communication sector is vigorously pursuing the development of higher-speed transmission standards. Among these, the 800G standard stands as a pivotal achievement. This advanced standard employs multiple parallel transmission channels, each capable of delivering 200Gbps. Alternatively, it can utilize an 8x100G configuration, cumulatively achieving a substantial bandwidth of 800Gbps. This approach marks a significant stride in addressing the escalating bandwidth demands in modern data infrastructure.


Dimension Technology offers a versatile high-speed optical module testing platform, equipped with multi-interface and multi-protocol capabilities. This platform includes BERT error meters and CDR clock recovery signal meters, specifically designed to assess the data transmission efficiency and error rate of optical modules. Additionally, it facilitates testing for network architecture compatibility in various data center environments, adapting to different traffic scenarios based on specific requirements. This adaptability ensures comprehensive evaluation aligned with diverse data center architectures and operational demands.

Optical Module Transceiver Testing

In the realm of high-speed communication, optical modules are essential for data transmission, playing a pivotal role in the system's stability and data transfer rate. The testing of light harvesting and emission in optical modules is a crucial step. This ensures their reliable performance in practical applications and adherence to established technical standards. Such testing is fundamental to validate the module's efficiency in transmitting and receiving optical signals, which is vital for maintaining the overall integrity and efficiency of communication systems.


The testing equipment of Dimension Technology adopts a platformized architecture, which facilitates equipment replacement and restructuring. It can support multiple tests such as sensitivity of optical modules, output optical power, and eye diagrams on one machine. This provides a low-cost and efficient solution for the rapid deployment of 800G optical module production lines.


Optical performance testing

The reliability of the optical performance of the optical module port is a factor that must be considered. The newly launched wavelength scanning loss testing system by Dimension Technology can help users test the return loss of various interfaces such as LR4 and SR4, better verifying the product. Coupled with a tunable light source to assist in testing the output power and loss across the entire transmission band.


Port cleaning and detection

To adapt to the changes of the times and industry challenges, DIMENSION provides a full range of automatic cleaning and testing solutions for active devices, providing efficient, low-cost, highly reliable, and competitive solutions for manufacturers. The fully automatic cleaning and detection system is a set of fully automatic intelligent systems that integrates automatic loading and unloading, automatic cleaning, and automatic detection. Efficient, highly reliable, and high return on investment, with industry-leading automatic detection capabilities and unique self patented automatic cleaning technology, it is easy to use and maintain.


Main advantages:

Fully automatic cleaning detection

High return rate and stable performance

Cleaning yield> 98%

≥ 1um defect detection accuracy ≥ 99.5%

Production efficiency ≤ 20s

The 800G high-speed module cleaning and detection automation solution integrates the SmartCheck series intelligent fully automatic end inspection instrument, which can automatically find the center, focus, analyze and store data reports and images with one click, and perform intelligent digital quality control on the end face quality.


The Offson Pro series fiber end face cleaning machine adopts the cleaning principle of liquid+gas, non-contact cleaning and protection of the end face, with a single cleaning efficiency of up to 98%.


The automation solution for low-speed module cleaning and detection is integrated with the FastCheck series intelligent fully automatic end inspection instrument, which can automatically find the center, focus, analyze and store data reports and images with one click, and perform intelligent digital quality control on the end face quality.


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