Fiber-optical link prep tools kit


The Challenges

● The neglect of inspection if there is intensive bending and breaking to inner fiber optic cables.

● The slack of port connection and incorrect plug-in approach might cause the permanent damage of the end-face to adversely affect the entire data-transmitting system.

● The obvious deviations are often seen in comparison with the expected outcome in the acceptance process.

● There is a lack of matching effective solution to duplicate deployment situations.

● Utilizing excessive instruments to complete come simple tasks might complicate the process so that it inevitably results the adverse impact of efficiency.

The project acceptance of FTTx optical fiber link

Optical Probe

According to the strength of the output signal, the situation of data-transmitting network, is efficiently able to be generated. Besides, the integrated functions displayed on the meter would be provided proper technical support on-site field such as installed RJ45 port, the visualized fault locating system etc.

● Non-contact measurement design                     ● All-in-one universal interface for connectors 

● Compatible RJ45 port for fiber optic track         ● Visualized fault locating system

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Locating and troubleshooting to the errors of FTTx optical fiber link


It is capable of effectively indicating the errors through measuring several key characteristics such as the length, IR losses and the overall image of the data transmitting line.

● Easy-to use,critical thinking of weight design makes it easy to hold up and carry around for field technicians          

● Highly accurate and precision measurements 

● Provide various of diagnose solutions

● Visualized image technology

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The unavoidable dirt or damage is supposed be inspected on-site field

Wireless fiber end-face microscope 

This portable device would effectively inspect the damage or dirt of the inner fiber.

● Lightweight and portable, easy to use

● Provide Wifi and USB connectivity in terms of the data transmitting

● Compatible on main operation systems (Wins/Android/IOS)

● Built-in rechargeable battery, duration up to 5 hours 

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The dirt of inner fiber should be eliminated after inspection

Effective end-face/connectivity cleaning tools 

The field technicians would effectively maintain a clean end-face fiber in case of the toughest dirt that has been inspected through various cleaning tools.

● EASYSTICK Fiber Cleaning Cotton Stick

   It efficiently removes stains on the end-face and the inner wall of the ceramic sleeve

● NEOCLEAN™ EZ pen  

    A simple push operation makes the end-face clean

● OPTIPOP® SERIES Optical Connector Cleaner 

    The based contaminations are eliminated though easily wiping away.


The optical fiber connector needs to be  installed or replaced  onsite

Rapid connecting operation

It stands out for the unique fiber alignment approach and matching liquid structure

● Repeatable assembly

● 52mm overall length

● Tenacious adaption in extreme environment

● Easy to assembly 

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Provided a variety of options to fulfill our clients’ demand

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