Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

FA-1 Fiber Array Endface Inspector

Effortlessly assess the entire end-face condition of fiber arrays.

• Multiple Magnification
• High Efficiency and Effectiveness
• Long adjustable distance for up to 128 core fiber arrays
• Measuring angle: 0°,6°,8°,10°,45°

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Product Details


Product Overview

The FA-1 fiber array end face detector is an end face detection equipment developed by Dimension Technology for fiber array design It professionally designed fixtures and optical display platform can easily inspect the entire end face condition of the fiber array; And it provides very high clarity and service life; FA-1 is an essential partner in the production of 40G and 100G optical modules

Main features

• Multiple Magnification
• High Efficiency and Effectiveness
• Long adjustable distance for up to 128 core fiber arrays
• Measuring angle: 0°,6°,8°,10°,45°

Main applications

• Fiber array endface inspection

Excellent fixture design

The fixture design of dimension technology is adapted, which facilities the replacement of testing and significantly improves the efficiency of fiber array end face detection It is an essential equipment in the production and testing of fiber array, as well as the coupling and packaging process of PLC

Excellent imaging quality

FA-1 has a magic of 300 times, and optical devices of the same level as Easycheck make it the best fiber array end face detector on the market


Professional 3D platform

Using high quality 3D platforms as the load learning working platform for fiber arrays not only has high precision, but also has an ultra long service life, far exceeding similar products that use screws The adjustment level has a very good operating fee, which is not only increasing testing effectiveness but also reducing personal fatigue

Performance Parameter

Magnification rate200X,  300X, 400X
Video outputPAL standard
Power distribution3W
Maximum number of detection cores128 cores
Applicable to FA angle0, 6, 8, 10, 45 degrees
Supply voltageDC 12V
Volume300mm x 100mm x 120mm

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