Single fiber connector inspection


The connection success of the optical fiber link depends on the quality of the optical fiber physical connection, the quality of the physical connection depends on the connector's own end surface geometry size compliance degree, if this geometry size is not strictly controlled, there is no network of long-term reliable connection. The international electrotechnical commission specifies three main technical parameters for optical fiber connectors: radius of curvature, vertex offset, and fiber height. If the geometry does not meet the requirements, there is a significant risk of system connection failure.



After years of technology accumulation and creation, Dimension has developed precision optical detection system and highly reliable and stable structure design, and continuously launched 3D fiber endface detection series products, can inspect 98% of the single fiber connectors on the market.




Accurate and stable data, wide detection range;

Rapid detection speed;

Automatic focus and calibration;

High precision automatic adjustment Angle;

One-key measurement, real-time automatic save data and report.