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High cost performance optical power meter

A single module can provide 1, 2, or 4 optical power detection channels
Wavelength range: 850nm~1650nm
User configurable trigger inputs and analog outputs
Compatible with single-mode and multimode fibers

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Product Details


The Dimension OPM optical power meter series modules include five types: conventional series, high-speed series, high-power series, high sensitivity series, and external probe series. All modules are compatible with the Dimension ALPHA and OMEGA universal optical testing platforms. Platform based testing solutions can provide fast, accurate, and flexible power measurement, including detection of weak and small signal changes, as well as accurate measurement of ultra-high light power.

For user convenience and maximum flexibility, the Dimension optical power meter module provides a wide range of interchangeable detector adapter connectors (available for various connector types as detailed in the attached table), as well as fiber optic clamps that allow for bare fiber measurement. The product comes with a connection (FC) detector adapter as a standard accessory, and also provides an external probe extension cable for remote head users to choose from.


Platformization+modular design

All OPM spectrophotometer functional modules are compatible with the ALPHA and OMEGA universal optical testing platforms. Through programming control, they can work together with other functional testing modules, achieving a one-stop automatic testing solution.



High cost performance series

Main advantages

•  Wavelength range: 850nm~1650nm

•  The testing wavelength can be customized, with a wavelength resolution of 0.1nm

•  High cost-effectiveness, suitable for large-scale deployment

•  Compatible with single-mode and multimode fibers

Main applications

• Suitable for large-scale deployment

Reliability Laboratory

Production deployment of industrial enterprises

Long term online monitoring of optical power

performance parameter

Product modelOPM1XXXA
Number of channels1/2/4
Type of detectorInGaAs
Detector size2mm
Wavelength range850nm~1650nm
Optical power detection range+10dBm~-75dBm (Typ.)
Maximum safe optical power+13dBm
Linearity [1]± 0.05dB (+5dBm~-50dBm)
Polarization related response [2]± 0.01dB (0dBm~-50dBm) (Typ.)
Uncertainty [3]± (5%+30pW)
Power resolution0.001dB
Wavelength resolution1nm
average time10us~1s
Return loss>55 dB
Storage depthNA
Trigger inputsupport
Analog signal outputsupport
Fiber typeSM/MM


[1] Excluding noise and drift, continuous wave, 1000 to 1600nm.

[2] The temperature is 23 ℃± 1 ℃, using an FC angleless connector with a wavelength of 1550nm and a constant power.

[3] The temperature is 23 ℃± 1 ℃, using an FC angleless connector with a wavelength range between 1000nm and 1640nm. When the wavelength is less than 1000nm, there will be a 1% increase in uncertainty, and when the wavelength exceeds 1640nm, there will be a 6% increase in uncertainty.

[4] The tested fiber types are standard SM 9/125 fiber and MM 62.5/125 fiber.

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