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High-speed Optical Power Meter

Ensuring high-speed power output with a wide dynamic range for high-speed applications!

• Continuous acquisition frequency up to 10KHz (full power range)
• Support automatic gain shift acquisition measurement in high-speed mode
• Each channel has a storage depth of up to 10 million
• Support continuous trigger acquisition mode
• Support single trigger batch acquisition mode
• Support fixed gain compensation setting
• User-configurable analog output port
• Support optical power detection range in high-speed mode: +10dBm~-70dBm
• Support any wavelength setting within the wavelength range of 850nm~1650nm
• Single module can provide 1, 2 or 4 channel optical power detection

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Product Details


Product Overview

When the optical power changes quickly, accurately, and quickly capturing the optical power value is a great challenge for optical power meters When traditional optical power meters cannot meet the requirements of high speed and accurate measurement, high speed optical power meters have emerged Traditional optical power meters take up a lot of time in power value integration and range switching in order to meet the requirements of measuring numerical accuracy and large dynamic range Therefore, they cannot quickly and accurately output effective optical power values Therefore, they cannot meet the application requirements of high speed automatic testing systems and high speed monitoring systems

The Dimensionality Technology high speed optical power meter series modules ensure both high speed power output and meet the needs of a large dynamic range at high speeds in terms of principle design and device selection It has batch acquisition mode and trigger acquisition mode, and can provide up to 10KHz high speed continuous acquisition The dynamic range can reach+10dBm~-70dBm, and it is configured with a storage depth of 10 million measurement data (each channel, combined with tunable light source products, providing an effective and high performance testing solution for fast scanning and testing of passive devices (DWDM, AWG, WSS, and other devices)

Main advantages

• Continuous acquisition frequency up to 10KHz (full power range)
• Support automatic gain shift acquisition measurement in high-speed mode
• Each channel has a storage depth of up to 10 million
• Support continuous trigger acquisition mode
• Support single trigger batch acquisition mode
• Support fixed gain compensation setting
• User-configurable analog output port
• Support optical power detection range in high-speed mode: +10dBm~-70dBm
• Support any wavelength setting within the wavelength range of 850nm~1650nm
• Single module can provide 1, 2 or 4 channel optical power detection

Main applications

Wavelength high speed scanning test for passive devices (DWDM, AWG, WSS, etc.)
High speed scanning test for polarization correlation of optical active/passive devices
Fast capture of optical signals in the field of fiber optical sensing
Quick coupled automated testing system
Rapid testing system for optical chips
Automated high speed testing system
Optical network optical signal monitoring system
Research laboratory

Continuous power refresh rate can reach up to 10KHz (full range)

The high speed optical power meter quickly collects and measures the instantaneous currents and noise of optical signals, restoring the details of signal currents, and characterizing the continuous changes of optical signals


Support automatic gear shift acquisition and measurement in high speed mode

Providing fast automatic gear shifting collection in high speed mode is critical for accurate collection and measurement of power changes in large dynamic range scenarios


Each channel can store up to 10 million power values

Support continuous triggering of collection mode

User configurable trigger input port (trigger in) Users can connect external trigger signals (tunable light sources) to the trigger in port of the power meter according to their testing needs, achieving continuous trigger acquisition, synchronous triggering+data acquisition and recording


Support single trigger batch collection mode

Users can connect external trigger signals to the trigger in port of the power meter according to their testing needs, achieving a single trigger batch collection function


Supports fixed gear settings

Fixed gear settings can achieve faster high speed acquisition, shorter response time for large dynamic range data acquisition, and easier capture of transient changes in signals&Nbsp;


User configurable log output

Users can use the Analog output port to connect to an oscilloscope and achieve synchronous observation of collected data signals


Supported optical power detection range in high speed mode:+10dBm~-70dBm


Supports any wavelength setting within the wavelength range of 850nm~1650nm

In order to ensure the accuracy of power measurement at any wavelength within the range of 850nm~1650nm, Dimension Technology has accurately calibrated light sources of different wavelengths Therefore, our power meter supports users to set any wavelength and guarantees the accuracy of power


Typical applications

The key application of high speed optical power meters in wavelength scanning testing of optical passive devices, combined with tunable light sources

In the rapid scanning testing of passive devices (such as DWDM, AWG, WSS, etc.), spectrum isolation is a key link in measuring the multiplexing of the device It will determine the crosstalk of the signal at different wavelengths, evaluate the insertion loss of the specified wavelengths, and suppress the isolation or routing of wavelengths to other positions, which is an important indicator


Easy to integrate automation control instructions+exclusive demo software

The universal optical testing platform OMEGA is required with Ethernet interface, RS232 interface, and USB communication interface Users can easily acquire secondary software development through the required universal communication protocol instruction set
Fa. At the same time, we also have exclusive demo software for customers to evaluate and showcase


For the conservation of users and maximum flexibility, the Dimension optical power meter module provides a rich range of interchangeable detector adapter connectors (which can be used for various connector types, please refer to the attached table for details),

And fiber optical clamps that allow for bare fiber measurement The product comes with a connection in the form of standard accessories; (FC)  The detector adapter also provides an external probe extension cable for remote head users to choose from


Main specifications and parameters

Product modelOPM2XXXA
Number of channels1/2/4
Type of detectorInGaAs
Detector Size2mm
Wavelength range850nm~1650nm
Optical power detection range+10dBm~-75dBm (Tpy.)
Maximum safe optical power+13dBm
Linearity [1]± 0.05dB (+5dBm~-50dBm)
Polarization related response [2]± 0.01dB (0dBm~-50dBm) (Tpy.)
Uncertainty [3]± (5%+500pW)
Power resolution0.001dB
Wavelength resolution0.1nm
Sampling rate10Khz (MAX)
Return loss> 55 dB
Storage depth10 million per channel
Trigger inputSupport
Analog signal outputSupport
Fiber typeSM/MM

General specifications

Control interfaceNetwork, USB, physical buttons, touch screen
Result outputMW/dB/dBm option
Recommended recalibration time2 years
Preheating time20 minutes (storage and usage temperature consistent);60 minutes (consistent storage and usage temperature)
Working temperature10 ℃~40 ℃
Storage temperature-40 ℃~70 ℃
Source90-260V AC
SizeSingle slot module 285mm × One hundred and third three × 35mm


[1] Excluding noise and drive, continuous wave, 1000 to 1600nm

[2] The temperature is 23 ℃± 1 ℃, using an FC angle connector with a wavelength of 1550nm and a constant power

[3] The temperature is 23 ℃± 1 ℃, using an FC angle connector with a wavelength range between 1000nm and 1640nm

&Nbsp&Nbsp&Nbsp; When the wavelength is less than 1000nm, there will be a 1% increase in uncertainty, and when the wavelength exceeds 1640nm, there will be a 6% increase in uncertainty

[4] The test fiber types are standard SM9/125 fiber and MM 62.5/125 fiber

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Model: OPM2212A High speed OPM, 2CH, 2mm InGaAs detector, MAX power +10dBm

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