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EasyGet WiFi Wireless Fiber Endface Microscope

Compact, Portable, Swift, and Intuitive – Wireless Fiber End-Face Detector!

Lightweight and portable, simple to use, fast and invasive
• Supports WiFi and USB data transfer
The software interface is simple, intuitive, and intelligent, with images that can be viewed in real-time and automatically analyzed
• Software compatibility with mainstream smart terminals (Wins/Android/iOS)
Self powered intelligent battery, with a single operation time of up to 5 hours
Universal USB Type C interface, compatible with variable charging devices on the market
Unique LED lighting that can be easily applied in low light conditions on site
OTDR Best Company, Ideal Tool for Field Technicians

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Product Details

Product Overview

Dimension EasyGet WiFi wireless fiber end face detector, based on manual detection, achieving automatic end face detection function through software upgrade, improving
Provided a true wireless fiber end face automatic detection solution Real time transmission of video analysis and storage between various intelligent terminal devices through WiFi
Storage of data and reports, on site technicians can intuitively view the quality of fiber optic end faces on their mobile devices It is lightweight, portable, easy to use, and self sufficient
With its electric and user friendly appearance design, it provides an unparalled user experience and is the most practical fiber end face detector for on site technicians

Application area

Construction and maintenance of 5G optical network
• Data center
High reliability fiber optical connection
• Laboratory and manufacturing testing


Lightweight and portable, simple and easy to use

EasyGet WiFi is lightweight, portable, durable, and easy to use with one hand control Unique surround style focusing on ring and independent photography button, promoting users with

A simple and clear operating experience

WiFi wireless image transmission

EasyGet WiFi can transmit images to various intelligent terminal devices through WiFi and has automatic analysis function, making it convenient for users to analyze the status of the fiber end face

Line viewing, automatic detection, data and report storage, conservative and flexible


Compatible with main intelligent terminals

EasyGet WiFi software has a wide range of adaptability and can be used on PCs and various mobile devices, supporting mainstream operating systems (Wins/Android/iOS)

You can directly use devices such as mobile phones or tables for conservative operations EasyGet WiFi software only requires scanning the QR code (on the body) or downloading it from major software markets

Installation is increasingly common

The interface is simple and intuitive, with intelligent image display

EasyGet WiFi is a user friendly software design with a simple, intuitive, and intelligent interface In addition to viewing and recording the status of the fiber optic end face, it also provides you with rich value added services

Capable of zooming in and out images, as well as screen rotation


Unique USB Type C charging interface

EasyGet WiFi comes with a build in rechargeable smart battery that can last up to 5 hours in a single operation
EasyGet Wifi is equivalent with a universal USB Type C charging interface, which is compatible with variable charging devices on the market, such as computer USB interface, power bank, universal charging head, etc
Users do not need to carry or be restricted by dedicated charging devices

Unique LED lighting

EasyGet Wifi is equipped with LED lighting, which can be easily used in low light on site environments, bringing unprecedentedly conservation to Dimension users


OTDR Best Partner

EasyGet Wifi is the best company for OTDR and the best choice for on site technicians to test fiber end faces


Rich adaptation components

EasyGet WiFi has over 50 types of connector adapters, which can meet variable detection needs of users and support single and multi-core detection; And the special connector detection interface can be customized


Specification parameters


Easily access services and support from Dimension

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