Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

AutoCheck Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

An intelligent all-in-one fiber end-face detector with automatic analysis and judgment capabilities.

Automatic analysis and judgment of end faces
Embedded system, capable of independent operation
Build in; IEC; Standard
Support; WIFI, wired network connection

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Product Details


Product Overview

AutoCheck is the first intelligent integrated fiber end face detection device developed by Dimension Technology, equipped with an embedded system and image analysis software that perfectly integrates functionality and appearance It is a new concept of intelligent fiber end face detection equipment AutoCheck provides excellent image recognition algorithms that can accurately identify the small speckles and scratches in an image With an AutoCheck, you can directly inspect and judge the fiber end face without needing to know the details of the fiber end face standard

Main features

Automatic analysis and judgment of end faces
Embedded system, capable of independent operation
Build in; IEC; Standard
Support; WIFI, wired network connection

Main applications

Fiber optical connector end face inspection

Build in IEC standard

AutoCheck's software has customizable and updated end face detection standards, which default to the latest; IEC; Standard, you only need to select the corresponding standard during testing, and press the testing button directly to obtain stable and related test results

Automatic analysis function

AutoCheck; Using an embedded system to analyze the fiber optic end face, equipped with excellent image recognition algorithms, it can accurately identify the smallest spots and scratches in the image, without the need for manual intervention, and perfectly display the measurement results in the form of images

One click operation, fully automated testing process

The consensus software interface design and fully automated testing process enable operators to use SmartCheck with just one click of the mouse; Complete measurement up to  Within 1 minute; 72  Core connectors

Powerful hardware scalability

AutoCheck; Can be accessed through; WIFI; Connection, wired connection,  SD; The card stores detection report data to the server and has strong hardware scalability The universal interface design greatly enhances the compatibility of product interfaces to detect various optical devices, and can also be used; USD; The interface connections vary detection devices and provide varying data input and output functions


The standard system can run tasks independently

AutoCheck; Equivalent with standard; Android; System,  No external devices need to be connected to complete the work; Can be upgraded; Advanced internal software to meet the growing needs of customers

Automatically generate reports and reports

AutoCheck; Can automatically generate reports and reports after each detection and store them in the storage card; Detailed data reports and report formats make management and access easier


Performance parameter

AutoCheck; Multiple models have been launched for various needs, with; 200X, 400X; Equal magnetization, adjustable or non adjustable field of view, and different models for different products The specific models can be found in the table below

Magnification rate200X400X
XY axis adjustmentOO
CCD area resolution2 million pixels
Image analysis functionAutomatic
Focusing methodManual
Image input/output formatDigital imaging
Power distribution3W
Working temperature-10 ℃~+40 ℃
Storage temperature-20 ℃~+55 ℃
External interface3 * USB,  1 * SD,  1 * Ethernet interface
Display screen8 "TFT 800 * 600 PIX
Supply voltageDC 12V
Volume270mm * 245mm * 155mm

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