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3D Measurement
A full range of high-reliability 3D surface inspection solutions!

The successful connection of optical fiber lines is largely dependent on the geometric profile of the fiber endface. As pioneers and leaders in the field of 3D inspection of fiber end faces, Dimension Technology has devoted years to the research and development of interferometer optical systems and structural design. Excellent optical systems can provide image clarity, enabling more realistic and accurate 3D image reconstruction. This enhances the stability and accuracy of data calculations. The innovative and robust anti-vibration system in the structural design improves seismic resistance, ensuring the stability of the data.

Adaptable 3D surface inspection for various connectors in the research, development, and manufacturing processes;

Fast testing speed, broad measurement range, and high testing accuracy;
Capable of inspecting various connector types, including SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000™, MTP®/MPO, MT16/32, MT-RJ, MT, bare ferrules, and bare fibers;

Our complete product portfolio represents the most comprehensive testing solutions in the industry, and we are continually innovating and iterating to provide even higher-quality detection solutions for the advancement of the industry.


Cost-effective and Efficiency Improvement!

JumperRun Fiber Connector Tester System represents a new generation of testing equipment developed for the production of fiber optic connectors. It is designed to save costs and enhance efficiency in testing, providing a comprehensive solution for connector production.

Key advantages: Integration of multiple functions in one, capable of simultaneously detecting multiple parameters while also allowing flexible separation to meet specific testing requirements.

How to Ensure the Accuracy of Fiber Endface 3D Inspection?

Developing a patented optical system with high-magnification objectives, precision up to 0.1nm laser interferometers were used for accurate calibration. This ensures the accuracy and consistency of parameters such as ROC (Radius of Curvature), Fiber Height, Core Dip, etc., in MTP/MPO measurements. The clear restoration of the fiber endface polishing condition assists engineers in making improvements to the polishing process.

How to reduce signal loss and enhance transmission speed?

Each MPO patchcord undergoes meticulous design and testing with standardized equipment to facilitate stable and high-speed data transmission. The success of fiber optic connections relies on the quality of the physical connection of the fiber. To enhance fiber connectivity and optical signal transmission efficiency, it is essential to strictly control the geometric dimensions of the fiber connector endfaces to minimize insertion loss and return loss. If the geometric dimensions of the end faces are not rigorously controlled or do not meet the requirements, there is a significant risk of system connection failure, undermining the long-term reliability of the network connection.


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