Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

SmartCheck Intelligent Fiber Endface Inspector

Desktop fiber end-face detector for fully automated analysis of multi-core fiber connectors!

• Automatic Analysis
• Automatic Decision
• Automatic Focusing
• Automatic Fiber Switch
• High Test Speed: 5S for 12 core MT connector 
• Easy exchanged between PC & APC, 
• Multi fixtures for most types of connectors

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Product Details

Product Overview

SmartCheck is the latest intelligent fiber optic end face detector developed by Dimension Technology It has varied automated and intelligent functions such as automatic analysis, autofocus, and automatic switching of fibers, making it the first device to fully intelligently analyze the end faces of multi core fiber optical connectors

Main features

• Automatic Analysis
• Automatic Decision
• Automatic Focusing
• Automatic Fiber Switch
• High Test Speed: 5S for 12 core MT connector 
• Easy exchanged between PC & APC, 
• Multi fixtures for most types of connectors

Main applications

• single and multi-fiber connectors
• Multi-fiber module

Easy to operate, testing only takes 5S

SmartCheck has outstanding software algorithms and is easy to operate, able to differentiate the small scratches and dirty points on the fiber end face; The analysis time for 12 core products is only 5 seconds, which improves testing effectiveness and accuracy for testing operations

Automatic analysis function to automatically determine the defects of the fiber optic end face

SmartCheck has functions such as automatic analysis, autofocus, automatic fiber switching, and automatic judgment of fiber end faces, making testing multi core connector end faces intelligent and easy


One click operation, fully automated testing process

The consensus software interface design and fully automated testing process enable operators to use SmartCheck with just one click of the mouse; Complete measurement up to  Within 1 minute; 72  Core connectors

Clear imaging and stable data connection

SmartCheck; Using high quality optical devices and; Ultra high resolution; CCD; Photosensive devices, software can automatically observe high resolution images and ensure the accuracy of software judgment; The locking structure of the data connection cable guarantees stable data connection in any environment&Nbsp; SmartCheck; The sturdy internal structure can maintain normal operation in a vibrating environment

Real time statistical system for tracking and testing the site at any time

SmartCheck; Software as a Service/&Nbsp; How users enter; Line design, capable of sending test results in real-time to relevant personnel through the network for real-time browsing, and monitoring the quality status of the site

Custom judgment criteria can automatically generate reports and reports

SmartCheck; Multiple end face judgment standards have been set in the software, and customized testing standards can be generated according to customer requirements Regardless of the fiber end face; A. B. C; The number of spots, the width and length of scratches can be adjusted in a timely manner, significantly improving production efficiency&Nbsp; Each test; Try SmartCheck; It can automatically generate the condition of the end face; Excel; A report in detailed format

Performance parameter

Product model400X200M
Optical magnetization20X10X
Resolving power0.27um0.54um
Tested connectorsSingle core, MTRJ, MPO, MTP (2-72 cores)Multi core optical module
Test speed5s (12 cores, excluding focusing time)
Scanning range6mm x 15mm6mm x 3mm
Connection methodUSB 2.0
Power SupplyDC 24V

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