FASTCONN Fast Connector

Compact size, outstanding performance – your on-site fiber connector solution!

Efficient docking and low insertion loss
Simple operation and fast construction speed
Automatically generate micro bends without the need for manual control
Matched cream leak proof design, long term stability
Repeated use with strong adaptability

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Product Details

Product Overview

Dimension Technology FASTCONN fiber optical quick connector, using a precision V-groove design, is a reusable passive device used to connect two fibers or optical cables to form a continuous optical path with simple and fast operation, saving time

Application area

Temporary or permanent connection of fiber optic to home, Ethernet backbone network, and temporary docking of outdoor fiber optic cables
• Military fiber optical network docking
Fiber optical transmission lines, fiber optical distribution frames


Structural Description


Performance parameter



Total length


Insertion lossIL

UPC ≤ 0.5dB,Average:0.3dB, APC ≤ 0.5dB,Average:0.35dB

Return lossRL

UPC ≥ 50dB, APC ≥ 55dB,

Applicable fiber optical

2.0x3.0Butterfly shaped Optical cableZero point nineOptical cable

Operation time

Excluding ray processing≪ 10s,Complete assembly≤ 3 minutes

Tense strength


Assembly frequency


Drop test

△ ILChange amount:≤ 0.3dB, △ RLChange amount:≤ 5dB (1.5m,Free fall

High temperature test

△ ILChange amount:≤ 0.3dB, △ RLChange amount:≤ 5dB (85 ℃, 96h)

Low temperature test

△ ILChange amount:≤ 0.3dB, △ RLChange amount:≤ 5dB (-40 ℃, 96h)

High and low temperature cycling

△ ILChange amount:≤ 0.3dB, △ RLChange amount:≤ 5dB (-40 ℃~+85 ℃, 21Second,168h)

Damp heat

△ ILChange amount:≤ 0.3dB, △ RLChange amount:≤ 5dB (-75 ℃, 95%, 96h)


△ ILChange amount:≤ 0.3dB, △ RLChange amount:≤ 5dB(Room temperature, tap water,168h)

Insertion and removal times

One reasonMore than times

Working temperature

-40 °~+70 °

Storage temperature

-40 °~+85 °

Relative humidity

≤ 95% (+30 ℃)

Atmospheric pressure

62k; Pa~106k; Pa


Each10pcs-BoxSize:148x71x15mm),EachTenBox by Box

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