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Insertion loss testing is an important testing project in the field of fiber optical communication, mainly used to evaluate the optical loss generated by devices such as fiber connectors, adapters, and fiber jumpers during connections With the development and widespad application of fiber optical communication technology, The quality requirements for fiber optical connections are becoming increasingly high, and testing for insertion and return losses is clearly essential Dimension Technology's new series of insertion and return loss instruments opt the OTDR principle (optical time domain reflection) to identify the cumbersome fiber tail winding in traditional insertion and return loss testing, And combine professional software algorithms to accurately test the insertion and return loss of optical devices

We provide you with a full range of high-performance insertion loss and return loss solutions!

Adaptive insertion loss and return loss detection of optical passive devices in all scenarios;

Fast testing speed, wide measurement range, and high testing accuracy;

Meet the testing needs of single core, dual core, multi-core optical fibers, and single and multi-mode;

Based on the FreeDesign platform, modular design is currently the most comprehensive insertion and return loss testing solution in the industry series,

And continuously iterate new derivative products such as reliability testing insertion and return loss testing systems, multi-core polarity insertion and return loss testers, etc。


How to innovate your testing efficiency?

For many years, engineers at Dimension Technology have focused on iterative solutions and the possibility of combining multiple workstations. Through software and equipment upgrades, as well as clever design thinking, they have successfully launched innovative products. If the MPO insertion loss and polarity are integrated into a multi-channel polarity insertion loss instrument, the efficiency of multi-core detection on this workstation can be improved by 600%; The JumperRun end inspection interference insertion loss trinity detector simplifies the process of single core detection, providing a dimensional answer for optimizing the testing process.

Dimension Technology will continue to stay at the forefront of innovation and respond quickly to the opportunities presented by the surge in demand for 800G optical communication.

Find the Optical Loss That's Right For You

Dimension Technology's full range of insertion and return loss instruments includes various types of optical fibers, including single core, dual core, and multi core response interfaces that can be provided for different types of connectors

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