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An excellent equipment in optical measurement!

• Non-contact and probe power test
• No extra patch cords required
• Ultra-fast power ON, always ready for use
• Integrated with visual fault locator
• Support RJ45 cable sequence test
• Unique LED lighting
• Compatible with USB transfer, allowing to save data to PC

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Product Details


Product Overview

With the rapid development of fiber optical communication technology, fiber optical communication has become the main transmission mode of various communication networks DIMENSION's optical detection equipment integrates OPM detection of optical power function and VFL visual fault location function,

RJ45 line finding, line sequence functions, and other functions The device operation logic is simple and direct, making it easy to handle the construction of various communication networks and different testing environments Due to the unique probe type and non-contact universal interface design, now

The on site engineering personnel no longer need to carry variant types of testing conversion lines, and truly complete all tests with one machine

Main advantages

• Non-contact and probe power test
• No extra patch cords required
• Ultra-fast power ON, always ready for use
• Integrated with visual fault locator
• Support RJ45 cable sequence test
• Unique LED lighting
• Compatible with USB transfer, allowing to save data to PC

Main applications

Fiber optical network engineering maintenance and installation
Teaching and Research of Optical Communication
FTTX network installation

Non contact probe power detection

The optical detection equipment options non contact probe power detection, which can be tested without touching the port or jump, then reducing the risk of fiber contamination or damage


No need to carry test adapter cables with other interfaces

In order to adapt to all common testing scenarios on the market, the optical probe integrates 2.5 universal interfaces, 1.25 universal interfaces, SC probe type interfaces, and LC probe type interfaces When users complete measurement tasks at different levels, they account for different situations

The interface type does not require carrying other test adapters


Ready to use and start immediately

The optical probe can be quickly started and equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface, allowing direct access to testing functions The overall time from shutdown to restart testing shall not exceed 0.8 seconds


Configure visual fault location function

The equipment is required with 2.5 and 1.25 non-contact red light output ports The non-contact design of the end face will not be damaged by insertion and extraction, and the design of the 2.5 and 1.25 dual size red light output ports is suitable for most application scenarios

The device emits optical signals in two modes (continuous, flashing) to identify fibers, frames, and macrobonds


Support RJ45 wire sequence function

Through ordered signal transmission, users can clarify the current arrangement of network cables Verify the proper wiring sequence through the device and complete the installation of the network&Nbsp;


Support RJ45 line finding function

In complex on site environments, it is difficult to determine the head and tail of a line The optical probe integrates a line finding function in the device, which allows one end of the network cable to be plugged into the optical probe and searched for the other end of the network cable through the slave machine


Unique LED lighting

In order to meet the needs of use in low light on site environments and provide users with a conserved experience, LED lighting has been added to both the main and sub machines, which can be pressed to turn on

Supports USB transfer and can import data into the computer for processing

Large capacity memory can store 1000 measurement results and support importing to a computer via USA


Performance parameter

Optical power meter function*
Optical connectors2.5/1.25 dual universal interfaceLC and SC double folding probe probes
Type of detectorInGaAs
Wavelength range780nm~1650nm
Optical power detection range+6-70dBm (Typ+6-55dBm (Typ.)
Maximum allowable input optical power+13dBm
Linearity± 0.5dB (+5~-60dBm)± 0.5dB (+5~-50dBm)
Repeatability± 0.05dB± 1.00dB
Uncertainty± (5%+500pW)
Measurement typeDBm, dB, mW, uW, nW
Power resolution0.01dB
Return loss>55dB
Storage quantity1000 pieces
Fiber typeSM/MM
Visual fault localization VFL
Working wavelength650nm ± 30nm
Output power≥ 1mW
Optical connectors2.5/1.25 dual universal interface
Power supply
SourceBuild in rechargeable lithium battery
Work assurance> 8h

*Variables that need to be controlled for testing conditions to ensure consistency of testing conditions

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