Endface Inspection Endface Inspection

AutoGet Wifi Intelligent Fiber Endface Microscope

Automated, rapid detection, and intelligent analysis of single-core, MPO, and other multi-fiber connectors.

• Fully automatic, one step process
• All in one design, Integrated HD touchscreen
• Excellent analysis ability (based on IEC or user-defined criteria)
• Multiple data transfer methods, supports SD card, Wifi or USB
• One-click inspection for MPO or other multifiber, back review is available
• Unique foldable body, flexible option for straight use or foldable type
• Unique Replaceable Intelligent Battery, "Permanent power" with 1+ battery
• Universal USB Type C interface, compatible with various charging devices

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Product Details

The primary cause of optical network problems is that the connector’s endface is dirty or damaged, so, how to quickly and efficiently diagnose is particularly important. Dimension AutoGet Wifi is industry's first foldable, all in one handheld endface microscope. It provides an intelligent fiber endface inspection solution, which can automatically inspect and analyze single fiber, MPO or other multifiber connectors with unparalleled reliability, great efficiency and convenience. It is the most ideal solution in this area currently.

Main Features

• Fully automatic, one step process

• All in one design, Integrated HD touchscreen

• Excellent analysis ability (based on IEC or user-defined criteria)

• Multiple data transfer methods, supports SD card, Wifi or USB

• One-click inspection for MPO or other multifiber, back review is available

• Unique foldable body, flexible option for straight use or foldable type

• Unique Replaceable Intelligent Battery, "Permanent power" with 1+ battery

• Universal USB Type C interface, compatible with various charging devices

Fully automatic, one step process

AutoGet Wifi integrates Dimension's autonomous image processing algorithm, to achieve 100% automatic operation. Such as auto recognition, auto focus, auto center, auto capture, auto analyse, and auto storage.


MPO Inspection

AutoGet Wifi's unique MPO interface adapter supports automatic and fast inspection of MPO and other multifiber connectors. Users can analyze all fiber endfaces with one click, and back review the analysis results.


Excellent analysis ability

AutoGet Wifi performs precise and automated analysis based on IEC or user-defined criteria with multiple magnifications, not only has a wide field of view, but also with very rich details.



PASS/FAIL LED indicator

AutoGet Wifi is configured with pass/fail LED indicators, users can directly determine the endface inspection result. If it displays in green, it means PASS, no need to check the screen to see the result and directly go to the next point. If it displays in red, it means FAIL, user can check the screen to view the analysis image and for judgment.

Integrated HD touchscreen

AutoGet Wifi adopts a 3.2” HD touchscreen, users can view images and analysis results without any third-party display terminals, easily checking the fiber endfaces.
Integrated light sensitivity function can automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light and darkness.


Multiple transmission methods

AutoGet Wifi provides a variety of transmission methods, data can be stored directly on the device or connected to a PC via Wifi or USB, and to be exported.


Unique foldable body

AutoGet Wifi has the industry's unique foldable body, it’s special shaft structure design, makes the body can be flexibly folded into a straight rod or pistol type (120°), easily meet the requirements of different application environments.

Unique LED lighting

AutoGet Wifi equipped with LED lights that can be easily used even in low-light environments, bring Dimension customers with great convenience.


Unique replaceable intelligent battery

AutoGet Wifi has an industry-replaceable intelligent battery. The battery can be charged independent and power lasts nearly 9 hours , also can be used it while charging . Users can buy 1 more battery to keep continuous power.


Universal USB type C interface

AutoGet Wifi has the universal USB Type C interface, which is compatible with various charging devices.


Rich adapter parts

AutoGet Wifi has more than 50 kinds of adapters, can meet user's multiple inspection needs, support MF , compatible with MPO/MTP.  Special adapter interface can be customed.




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