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System Description

The wavelength scanning testing system of Dimension Technology has modern design and technological advantages, committed to meeting the measurement needs of complex optical communication networks. Currently, although there are various testing schemes such as spectral analyzers and optical power meters that provide performance data for WDM devices, traditional methods are often limited by high cost, operational complexity, and insufficient flexibility.

Current situation:In order to ensure the performance and stability of WDM systems, various detection schemes have been developed to test and verify the performance of WDM devices. Currently, these detection schemes mainly include spectral analyzers, optical power meters, and optical time-domain reflectometers, which can provide accurate information about optical signal strength, wavelength, bandwidth, and other important parameters. However, these traditional detection schemes often have drawbacks such as high cost, complex operation, and poor flexibility.

Main advantages

1. Flexible and scalable to meet your changing needs

The WST wavelength scanning testing system of Dimension Technology can not only adjust the wavelength of the light source in real-time to meet various testing needs, but its design based on the FreeDesign testing platform allows users to customize the testing system configuration according to their needs, such as adding polarization related property testing modules.

2.  Accuracy and reliability

By combining advanced optical technology and algorithms, the system provides a wavelength resolution of over 1pm and a wavelength accuracy of ± 5pm, ensuring highly reliable test results.

3. Light sources can be reused

By adopting real-time synchronization technology, the demand for expensive equipment such as tunable light sources is effectively reduced, achieving multi station multiplexing, which is both economical and efficient.

4. Integrated systematic software architecture
The WST system of Dimension Technology provides comprehensive evaluation and captures various performance parameters of WDM devices. The integrated software serves as the core of the system, providing operators with a simple and intuitive control interface.


main products

1. HOPM high-speed power meter

The Dimensionality Technology high-speed optical power meter series modules have batch acquisition working mode and trigger acquisition mode, and can provide up to 10KHz high-speed continuous acquisition. The dynamic range can reach+10dBm~-70dBm, and are configured with a storage depth of 10 million measurement data. HOPM adopts a modular design, and can be equipped with up to 40 channel power meters on a single machine for high-speed data acquisition through the FreeDesign testing platform.

2. FreeDesign intelligent instrument development platform

Modular instruments are the future development trend, and Dimension Technology has adapted to cutting-edge innovation by developing a FreeDesign platform that supports up to 11 slots, which can adapt to the full range of modular products of Dimension Technology. Meanwhile, the built-in high-performance processor can serve as the central hub for scheduling the entire wavelength scanning system and support synchronous triggering of all modules, simplifying the testing process.

3. PPC polarization controller

PDL testing must be considered in the testing of WDM devices. The newly developed PPC polarization controller by Dimension Technology supports the six state polarization algorithm, which calculates the polarization loss of the device at an extremely high rate, eliminating the need to scan the output power of the entire Banga sphere. The device supports multiple program control methods and network communication interfaces, with high polarization extinction ratio and support for the C+L band.

4. Return loss testing module

For the requirements of optical module ports and WDM device return loss testing, Dimension Technology has launched a scanning testing scheme, which quickly generates return loss scanning curves through the WSS software system, quickly calibrates and tests, and improves testing efficiency.

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