Optical Loss Optical Loss

Multi-channel polarity IRL

Integration of IL, RL, and polarity testing, improving efficiency by 600%

• RL mandrel-free, IL, RL and polarity detection, single channel test  time as low as 1.5S
• Support various optical devices to test fiber polarity
• Three-in-one automatic test of mpo fiber IL.RL and polarity
• Save work stations and increase production and test efficiency by  more than 6 times
• Abundant and interchangeable, high-reliability detector adapter  connectors
• Support PC segment control software, automatically save test data  reports, and support remote network control

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Product Details

Product Overview

The current insertion and return loss tests on the market can only test insertion and return losses, and cannot be quickly synchronized and determined by multi core The polarity insertion loss tester of Dimension Technology has completed the automatic testing of multi core fiber IL, RL, and polarity three in one through a new design and technology This device is not only has simple political judgment, but also has political learning function In response to the increasing number of line sequence situations, it significantly improves production efficiency, reduces equipment investment costs, and ensures IL while improving efficiency reliability and accuracy of RL measurement.

Main advantages

• RL mandrel-free, IL, RL and polarity detection, single channel test  time as low as 1.5S
• Support various optical devices to test fiber polarity
• Three-in-one automatic test of mpo fiber IL.RL and polarity
• Save work stations and increase production and test efficiency by  more than 6 times
• Abundant and interchangeable, high-reliability detector adapter  connectors
• Support PC segment control software, automatically save test data  reports, and support remote network control

Main applications

Performance testing of jumpers and connectors

Performance testing of optical passive devices

Construction of Automated Jumper Production Line

RL mandrel-free test, IL, RL and polarity detection, single channel test time as low as 1.5S

Based on the principle of optical time domain detection, the mandrel-free test of return loss is realized. 

Using high-speed sampling design and software optimization algorithm, low IL , RL and polarity detection 

single channelto 1.5S (fast mode)


Support various optical devices to test fiber polarity

Based on the years of the experience accumulation researching on optical lenses. 

It has realized a large photosensitive area, and the polarity learning of optical devices within the area can be easily customized and completed.


Multi-core fiber IL.RL and polarity three-in-one automatic test

Multi-channel polarity insertion return loss tester can quickly realize mandrel-free multi-core optical fiber.

Patch cord return loss test and insertion loss test, at the same time can realize multi-core optical fiber. 

Polarity detection, truly realizing the three-in-one automatic test of loss and polarity.


Save work stations, increase production and test efficiency by more than 6 times

The multi-channel polarity return loss tester can automatically test IL, RL, and Polarity at the same time,reducing the need for 

employees to plug and unplug the measurement jumper and equipment multiple times between testing IL/RL and polarity.

Single-channel IL, RL, Polarity simultaneously test time as low as 1.5S (fast mode). 

The test efficiency is increased by more than 600%, and the cost of customer equipment investment can also be reduced


Abundant and interchangeable, high-reliability connectors

In order to meet the different needs of customers, a series of rich and interchangeable detectors with high reliability have been developed. Adapter connector, easy to use, one-time test loss and polarity, no need to plug and unplug again.


Humanized software design

With a simple and clear software UI design, users can customize the test report, which can automatically save and upload test data and reports.


Performance parameter

Basic product modelRLM1612A-1FA-24RLM5656A-1FP-24
Light sourceFiber typeSingle mode 9/125Multimode 50/125
Light source wavelength1310/1550nm850/1300nm
Insertion loss light source typeLaserLED/Laser
Environmental flux standardNAIEC-61280-4-1
Insertion loss*Insertion loss stability*± 0.02dB (< 0.5H)
± 0.03dB (< 8H)
Repeatability*± 0.02dB
Insertion loss test accuracy*0-1dB: ± 0.02dB
1-5dB: ± 0.ldB
5-10dB: ± 0.5dB
0~ldB: ± 0.02dB
1-5dB: ± 0.ldB
Return loss*Scope of return loss testing*30-80dB15~-60dB
Return loss test accuracy*-30-70dB: ± 1.0dB
-70-75dB: ± 2.0dB
-15-50dB: ± 1.0dB
-50~-55dB: ± 2.0dB
OtherFiber length (shortest)DUT RL (both ends)> 50dB: 0.6 meters
DUT RL (both ends)< 50dB: 1.5 meters
Single measurement time< 18s (Quick Mode: SM MPO12< 18S; MM MPO12< 18S)
Display resolution0.01dB
Host sectionWorking power supplyAC90~260V/50HZ
Stable startup time30 minutes (storage and usage temperature consistent) 90 minutes (storage and usage temperature consistent)
Working temperature10 ℃~40 ℃
Storage temperature-40 ℃~70 ℃

ALPHA chassis: 359mm × 274mm × 115mm

OMEGA chassis: 462mm * 374mm * 171mm

Dual slot module: 285mmX133mmX71mm
*Default testing conditions for relevant parameters: The equipment is heated up for 30 minutes&Nbsp; Environmental temperature of 23+/-1 ℃&Nbsp; FC/PC single core jumper If multi core wire is used for verification, the error variable caused by the optical switch needs to be added to the parameters (+/-0.03dB)



RL test model A/C supports dual laser wavelength. 

Two-digit code represents two laser wavelengths. 

Customers can choose laser wavelength or customized laser wavelength in the list.

Model A/C supports four single-mode wavelengths, and XX should be selected for the two-digit coding.

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