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Offsoon Pro Fiber Endface Cleaning Machine

Automated fiber end-face cleaner for single and multi-core, achieving a high cleaning efficiency of 98%!

• Over 98% High Cleaning efficiency
• Non-contact to protect fiber endface
• Built-in High-precision filtering system
• Equipping display and keyboard on the surface
• Time editable for solvent spraying, gas jetting, and sucking back
• Support Single/Multi-fiber endfaces cleaning
• Support fully automated cleaning and inspection system

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Product Details


Product Overview

OffsonPro is a newly launched single and multi-core integrated automated fiber end face cleaning machine by Dimension Technology On the basis of retaining its original advantages, the build in air and liquid circuits of the equipment have been completely renovated and upgraded, with the addition of a visual display screen and configurable button pressures, which have better cleaning effects, reliability, and ease of use By configuring multiple precision cleaning interfaces, effective cleaning of fiber optical connectors, optical components, optical modules, MT inserts, and other end surfaces can be achieved And it can be applied to fully automated cleaning and testing systems for optical components

Main advantages

• Over 98% High Cleaning efficiency
• Non-contact to protect fiber endface
• Built-in High-precision filtering system
• Equipping display and keyboard on the surface
• Time editable for solvent spraying, gas jetting, and sucking back
• Support Single/Multi-fiber endfaces cleaning
• Support fully automated cleaning and inspection system

Main applications

Single multi-core optical connector end face cleaning
Port cleaning of single multi-core optical modules;
TOSA/ROSA End Face Cleaning;
MT plug end face cleaning

Non contact, with a single cleaning efficiency of 98%

Off; The Pro options a cleaning principle of liquid+gas The cleaning solution can quickly dissolve the piles on the end face of the optical fiber The duty-free gas sprayed will blow away the cleaning solution and oil stays together The entire cleaning process only takes 2 seconds, and the single cleaning efficiency can reach over 98%


Build in high precision filtration system

Off; The Pro fiber end face cleaning machine is equipped with high precision filtering systems such as air filters, oil miss separators, and micro miss separators, ensuring that there are no external stays during the cleaning process The filtering device is located at the bottom of the equipment, making it easy to replace and clean


Program settings display intuitively

Off; The Pro is equipped with a display screen that can intuitively display the number of cleaning times and the duration of spraying, spraying, and suction It also has default parameters for commonly used cleaning types for users to refer to and use The buttons are conserved for users to set according to their needs; Spray, jet, and suction time


The handle is small and easy to operate

Off; The Pro controller is compact and perfectly integrated with the aesthetic design of the human palm; Minimize operational fatigue to the greater extent possible; Handle ZZLE core compatible with Offspring; MARK; III. Off; MARK; IV. Off&Nbsp; MARK; The interfaces of MT and other models are easy to install and replace; An independent cleaning cotton rod device can be attached externally at the real end of the handle


Safe and user friendly design

Off; Pro's effective and conservative cleaning solution filling method saves time and effort&Nbsp; And non contact cleaning will not damage the end face; The liquid and gas sprayed out by the machine are directly pickled into the reflex system under high pressure, which will not cause harm to the human body

Support single multi-core optical device end face cleaning

Off; Pro is equivalent with rich cleaning interfaces, which can achieve effective cleaning of the end faces of optical devices such as single multi-core fiber connectors, single multi-core optical modules, TOSA/ROSA, MT plugs, etc

Can be applied to automated production lines

Off; Pro has an I/O communication interface and RS232 communication interface, combined with an automatic loading and unloading system and a fully automatic fiber end face detection instrument called FastCheck; V2 forms a fully automated cleaning and testing system for optical devices, which can effectively improve the production and testing effectiveness of optical devices


Performance Parameter



Gas Source

Dry and clean N2, CO2,Or air

Gas supply pressure

0.5MPa to 1.0MPa

Power distribution


Operating temperature

+5 ℃~+35 ℃

Storage temperature

-10 ℃~+55 ℃


DC 24 ± 0.5 V

Cleaning time


Net weight (including handle)



Body: 378mm x 200mm x 162mm

Cleaning handle:166mmX43X32mm

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