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MPO connector detection solution

Faced with the bi-directional development trend of high-quality and low-priced MPO, Dimension provides a one-stop testing and cleaning solution, leading the industry's development trend and solving industry pain points. Utilize intelligent, fast, efficient, and reliable detection and cleaning solutions to address the pain points of MPO research and manufacturing. The one-stop solution mainly includes: automatic segmentation of end face defects, 3D morphology detection, insertion and return loss performance testing, polarity detection, and end face cleaning.

Plan Introduction
Advantages of the plan
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The Prospects of MPO

MPO jumper is an important passive product for constructing optical networks, which enables active connections between optical network devices and between devices and jumpers, achieving precise docking. It requires stable transmission, high reliability, and customization, and is widely used in optical network scenarios such as backbone networks, fiber optic distribution, and data centers.

With the boom of artificial intelligence, digital reality, AI, and other technologies, network traffic is reaching unprecedented levels. Cloud operators are expanding their data centers, increasing data throughput and connector demand. MPO connectors can efficiently utilize space, thereby increasing data capacity. However, facing many challenges, it requires a significant investment of time to conduct testing and troubleshooting.

Plan Introduction


With the widespread application of MPO (including MTP) connectors worldwide, MPO end face detection and performance testing face many challenges, including high demand, high-speed transmission, data stability, low bit error rate, and high yield requirements, making MPO end face detection and performance testing increasingly important. After years of independent research and development, Dimension Technology has carefully crafted a complete set of intelligent, fast, efficient, and reliable MPO detection and cleaning solutions for the detection and cleaning needs of MPO production, manufacturing, and application processes. These solutions mainly include: 3D morphology detection of MPO end faces, MPO end face quality detection, MPO polarity insertion loss performance testing, MPO end face cleaning, etc.

Challenges Faced

In the MPO production process, users face the following pain points:

The demand is large and the structure is complex, requiring efficient cleaning and testing to control the quality of connectors.

The production cost is high, requiring a large amount of manpower and low efficiency.

Higher requirements for quality and craftsmanship, comprehensive improvement in quality requirements, stable data, low bit error rate, low insertion loss, and high return loss are required.

Solution advantages

As a manufacturer of optical device testing equipment, we are committed to providing a one-stop testing solution with the following advantages:

SmartCheck Intelligent Fiber Endface Inspector

Fully automatic and rapid analysis of end face defects improves product quality and reliability, helps users accurately analyze test results, and generates clear and easy to read test reports.



Main Features

Automatic Analysis

Automatic Decision

Automatic Focusing

Automatic Fiber Switch

High Test Speed: 5S for 12 core MT connector 

Easy exchanged between PC & APC, 

Multi fixtures for most types of connectors

Offsoon Pro Fiber Endface Cleaning Machine

Using non-contact liquid+gas method to clean the dirt on the  end face and avoid damage to the end face caused by contact.

Main Features

· Over 98% High Cleaning efficiency

· Support Single/Multi-fiber endfaces cleaning

· Support fully automated cleaning and inspection system

· Non-contact to protect fiber endface

· Equipping display and keyboard on the surface


MT Pro Single/Multi - Channel Integrated Interferometer

It can clearly restore the geometric morphology of the end face, facilitate grinding process analysis, and improve product quality and reliability.

Main Features

· Up to 1.5um image resolution

· Quick measurement, 0.5s for Single fibre or 5s for 12 core MT High repeat-ability

· High repeat-ability

· Quick switch between 0° and 8° fixtures

· High accuracy, calibrated with 0.1nm laser interferometer Ferrule frame mounting

· Unique Frame Mounting Fixture for MT Ferrule

· Compatible with single to 72 fibre measuremen

· FOV 4.3*3.3mm, capable for 16 core MT measurement Auto focus and Auto measurement

· Auto focus and automatic measurement functions

· Auto calibration with reference mirror


Multi-channel polarity IRL

Integrate polarity and IL/RL testing to reduce the risk of collision caused by docking and improve one-time yield.


Main Features

•RL mandrel-free, IL, RL and polarity detection, single channel test time as low as 1.5S

Support various optical devices to test fiber polarity

Three-in-one automatic test of mpo fiber IL.RL and polarity

Save work stations and increase production and test efficiency by more than 6 times

Abundant and interchangeable, high-reliability detector adapter connectors

Support PC segment control software, automatically save test data reports, and support remote network control

FPT Programmable Fibre Polarity Tester

A programmable fiber polarity testing instrument capable of ultra fast detection of the polarity of multi-channel (2-24, 2-32, 2-72) optical passive devices.


Main Features

• Programmable Polarity Tester

• Intelligent Self-learning Sample Polarity

• Real Time Testing Result

• Compatible with SM and MM Fiber

• 2~242~322~72 Channels

• Platform/Modular Design

• No Physical Contact

• Vertical/Horizontal Working

• 20dB Dynamic Range

By providing complete testing solutions and related products, we are committed to helping customers achieve efficient and accurate testing to meet the continuous development and innovation in the field of optical device end face detection.

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