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SANA MINI Fiber Endface Interferometer

Compact non-contact interferometer for precise testing of single-core fiber connector, bare fiber, and bare-inserted fiber end-face geometry.

Compact in size
Automatic centering fiber
PC; And; APC; Switching is simple and convenient
Equivalent with variable high precision testing fixtures

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Product Details


Product Overview

SANA; The MINI single core fiber end face interface is a portable non-contact interface developed by Dimension Technology This intermediary has a very small volume and can also test the geometric parameters of the fiber end face for single core fiber connectors, bare fibers, and bare insert cores Our unique and ingenious design allows us to operate in a very small SANA; All functions of SANA have been implemented on the mini, leading to the era of portable testing for end face geometry detection

Main features

Compact in size
Automatic centering fiber
PC; And; APC; Switching is simple and convenient
Equivalent with variable high precision testing fixtures

Main applications

Used for inspecting fiber optical inserts, jumpers, tail fibers, and bare fibers during polishing and assembly processes

Unparalleled convention and lightness

Small in size, only; In size; L120 *&Nbsp; W53  *&Nbsp; H80; (mm)  Weight Only; 0.8kg; Exit exterior design; USD; Connect computer communication and power supply without the need for an external power source

Automatically maintain data tables and 3D graph reports

SANA; MINI; The intermediary measurement software interface is intuitive and clear, with the function of direct switching between Chinese and English; Realistic 3D restoration capability allows users to visually adjust the condition of the fiber end face, while generating surface roughness maps and vertex profile maps Data reports and 3D graph reports are easy to automatically analyze and save


Convent operational performance

The focus lever is inserted in the same position as the product; On one side, it is very conservative for personnel to operate&Nbsp; Exit structural design enablements; APC; And; PC; During testing, only one press is required to complete the switch


Unique fixture design with ingenuity

Equivalent with high precision testing fixtures:; 2.5mm; And; 1.25mm; Universal fixtures&Nbsp; 2.5mm; Universal fixtures can be used for testing; FC/PC, SC/PC, ST/PC, E2000/PC, DIN, FC/APC, SC/APC; Etc&Nbsp; 1.25mm; Universal fixtures can be used for testing; LC/PC, MU/PC, LC/APC; Etc&Nbsp; PC/APC; Switching is simple and convenient

Powerful testing performance

A powerful testing software developed with Dimension Technology, SANA; MINI; Can accurately measure fiber optic connectors; 3D; Parameters and three dimensional display of the end face condition SANA; MINI; By  Telcordia; Certification, accurate and reliable test results

Performance parameter

Measurement parametersTest scopeRepeatabilityReproducibility
Curvature radius * (mm)3 to flat0.10%0.20%
Fiber height * (nm)-160~+160+/-1+/-2
Vertex offset * (um)0-200+/-0.5+/-1.5
APC angle * (°)0 (PC) or 8 (APC)Zero point zero twoZero point zero three
Measurement speed (seconds)1.5s
Light sourceRed LED
Weight0.8kg (main engine)
Volume120mm x 53mm x 80mm

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