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Endface Inspection
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Optical fiber end-face inspection and cleaning are important steps to ensure the quality of optical fiber communication. Since contamination or damage to the fiber end face can lead to signal attenuation, reflection loss, and unreliable connections, regular inspection and cleaning of the fiber end face is crucial to ensure effective optical transmission.
How to produce high-quality and reliable connectors? Dimension can provide a full range of fiber end-face inspection and cleaning solutions to effectively improve product quality and reliability.

Dimension is committed to creating a series of optical fiber end-face defect inspection products. For the fiber optic manufacturing and engineering field application and maintenance of optical devices, Dimension has launched two series of end-face inspections, desktop type end-face microscopes and portable end-face microscopes and developed hundreds of kinds of adapters/tips, to cope with various application scenarios.

The advantages of Dimension fiber end-face inspection series microscopes include high-definition images, diverse designs, rich adapters/tips, and intelligent inspection software algorithm to improve product reliability.


400G, 800G efficient and reliable inspection

With the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and digital reality, the demand for network transmission is growing rapidly, and the demand for 400G/800G is increasing rapidly. At the same time, high quality requirements are required to ensure product quality and production efficiency. Dimension can provide intelligent and fully automatic end-face microscopes, which adopt fully-automatic intelligent design and high-definition optical system to achieve rapid and fully-automatic detection of end-face defects to ensure product reliability and efficiently control product quality.

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly/Manufacturing and Testing

The inspection on connector end-face defects is a crucial link in the fiber connector development, manufacturing, and application processes. Dimension has developed a series of desktop fiber end-face microscopes with excellent imaging quality. High resolution, high reliability, fully automatic and other solutions are available for users to choose flexibly.


Fiber Optic Inspection of Engineering Field Application

Dimension is committed to building a series of portable fiber optic end face probes/microscopes, becoming ideal tools for inspecting fiber connector end-face defects before and after network installation in engineering projects. Portable optical fiber end-face probes include a series of products, with high resolution, high reliability, fully automatic and other solutions for users to choose flexibly.

Automatic inspection of low-speed modules

In order to ensure that components and optical modules can be accurately, quickly and efficiently inspected fully automatically, Dimension Technology has developed and launched a fully automatic end-face inspector - FastCheck V2. It adopts a new digital image solution, supports network transmission of data, and can control four terminal inspectors at the same time through one PC to achieve efficient and fully automatic detection, effectively improving the inspection efficiency. It has an independent I/O port and can be used along with Offsoon Pro to set up an automated inspection and cleaning system, making it an ideal choice for automated production lines.

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Regular inspection and cleaning on optical fiber end-faces can ensure signal transmission quality, prevent connection failures, and improve system performance.

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