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In the fiber optic communication industry, the quality of fiber optic connections is crucial for the stability and reliability of signal transmission. However, due to the complexity of the construction environment and human interference, there are often problems of signal loss and reflection loss in fiber optic connections. These issues will directly affect the performance of the communication system, leading to a decrease in signal transmission quality or even communication interruption. In addition, end face contamination is also a common problem, which can lead to a decrease in the quality of signal transmission, or even complete interruption. To address these challenges, our company has proposed a complete solution.

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For broadcasters and telecommunications operators, the continuous expansion of fiber optic networks has made fault localization and repair increasingly challenging. Traditional fault localization methods are time-consuming and ineffective, failing to meet the demand for quick fault identification. Additionally, the rapid development of fiber optic networks has raised the bar for network performance and quality. Conventional fiber optic measurement tools fall short in delivering precise measurements and accurate data analysis.

In response to these challenges, DIMENSION offers a comprehensive solution.



To meet the demands of the broadcasting, telecommunications, and other industry sectors, we have introduced a range of advanced detection solutions and maintenance products. These include OTDR, optical probes, handheld end-face inspection devices, and quick connectors.


1. Intelligent and user-friendly product design enhances work efficiency and reduces operational costs, contributing to streamlined workflows.

2. We assist in constructing efficient network architectures to ensure high-speed and stable operation, ultimately elevating user experience through robust connectivity. 

3. Our comprehensive optical communication services offer a one-stop solution for telecommunications and broadcasting companies, addressing their diverse needs effectively.

Relevant Products


OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

Utilizing intelligent design and optical eye switch design, our solution facilitates quick and precise identification of faults in fiber optic networks for broadcasting and telecommunications operators. By accurately pinpointing the location and type of faults, it enhances the efficiency and accuracy of fault localization.

Optical Probe

Our system measures parameters such as transmission loss, attenuation, and reflection in optical fibers, providing accurate data and analytical results. This assists broadcasters and service providers in precisely measuring and evaluating the performance of fiber optic networks. Timely implementation of maintenance measures based on this data can enhance the quality and reliability of the network.

EASYCONN Fast Connector

EASYCONN provides efficient deployment and maintenance of fiber optic networks for broadcasters and telecom operators. Traditional fiber optic connections involve time-consuming and costly welding and splicing operations performed by skilled technicians. In contrast, the innovative design and technology of EASYCONN's fast connectors enable connection operations to be completed within minutes, significantly enhancing the efficiency of network deployment and maintenance.

End face inspection instrument

Various models of end-face inspection devices are available to assist broadcasters and operators in assessing the quality and cleanliness of fiber optic connectors. The quality and cleanliness of fiber optic connectors significantly impact the transmission performance and reliability of networks. Our handheld end-face inspection device enables quick detection of connector damage and contamination, along with providing recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of networks.

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