EASYCONN Fast Connector

Compact size, outstanding performance – your on-site fiber connector solution!

Fiber alignment through ceramic sleeves
Fiber optical locking mechanism with linkage
• Fully enclosed matching liquid chamber
Suitable for various fiber optical cables
Observation window of coupling state
Front micro bonding design and real micro bonding design
Can be assembled multiple times
The total length is only 52mm
Suitable for Hash ambient cultures
Easy and convenient assembly
• No need for special auxiliary tools

Product Details
Specification Parameters
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Product Details

Product Overview

EASYCONN is a compact on site fiber optical connector developed by Dimension Technology with excellent optical and mechanical performance It unique fiber optical docking method and matching solution
Many features such as dot coating design reflect the development concept of dimensional technology The high reliability of its products, without the need for any tools for quick operation, is far superior to similar products in the market

Application area

5G optical network system
• Other

Linkage locking mechanism (patented technology)

The pressure handle on the tail optical cable and the fiber locking ring are linked mechanisms When the pressure handle is pressed down, it automatically locks the 250um fiber when the pressure handle pushes the locking ring, without the need for auxiliary tools


Suitable for various fiber optical cables

The serialized cable locking structure significantly improves the tension strength of the connector and is suitable for dropped cables, named 3.0mm cables and 2.0mm diameter cables (with additional tubes),

± 0.9mm cable (additional power on)


Ceramic fiber optical docking method (patented technology)

Breaking through the traditional "V" groove docking method, ensuring good docking performance of optical fibers in diverse extreme environments;


Design of fully enclosed fiber optical matching solution (patented technology)

Ensure that the matching solution does not evolve, deteriorate, or lose, ensuring that the fiber optic connector remains firm and related even when working for a long time in an environment of+75 ℃ or -40 ℃

Significantly extending the service life of fiber optic connectors;

Front Micro Bend Design (Patent Technology)

EASYCONN's special structure allows users to automatically have a slim bend at the 4-10mm real end of the fiber optic docking point during installation,

The bending always pushes the fiber forward to ensure tight contact between the fiber and the contact point Even slim expansion of locking or fixing components under high temperature conditions will not lead to

Create a gap at the contact point

Support for repeated assembly structures

EASYCONN's unique linkage structure supports multiple installations without the need for any tools

Spring front

This design retains the advantages of traditional fiber optical connectors The advantage of the front spring structure is that it can maximize in space during the docking process of the connector through the ceramic sleep
Inter five dimensional regulation So as to maximize the compatibility of the connector in both horizontal and axial directions


Sawtooth fiber optical cable outer skin locking mechanism

The serialized outer skin locking structure greatly improves the tension strength of the EASYCONN (easy to connect) optical cable Suitable for butterfly cables φ 2.0mm φ 3.0mm optical cable

Spinning fiber thread clamping structure with intersecting tee structure (patented technology)

Ensuring the use of φ 2.0mm φ 3.0mm optical cable has strong tension strength

Rear Micro Bend Design

The real micro bend design during EASYCONN docking guarantees that even slim back movement of the fiber optic cable under strong pulling force will not affect the locking and docking of the fiber optic cable!

Easy and convenient assembly

The quick connector has been pre assembled in the factory as shown in the picture The operator only needs to peel, cut, and lock the cable, which is easy to operate and does not require specialized tools


Performance parameter


&Nbsp;&Nbsp;Technical parameters

Insertion lossIL

&Nbsp&Nbsp; SC/PC:Typical value0.2dB& Nbsp;Maximum value0.4dB; SC/APC:Typical value0.2dB& Nbsp;Maximum value0.4dB

1310nm&Nbsp; 1550nm

Return lossRL

&Nbsp&Nbsp; SC/PC:Typical value48dB& Nbsp;Minimum value45dB; SC/APC:Typical value64dB& Nbsp;Minimum value60dB

1310nm&Amp&Nbsp; 1550nm

Applicable fiber optical

&Nbsp&Nbsp; SM 9/125um

Operation time

&Nbsp&Nbsp≪ 10s(Excluding fiber optical processing

Tense strength

&Nbsp&Nbsp≫ 80N(Leather fiber optical cable

Peak value during fiber optic cable removal

Assembly frequency

&Nbsp&Nbsp; FiveSecond

Operating temperature

&Nbsp&Nbsp -40-75

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