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Connector Environmental Reliability Testing

With the rapid development of information and communication technology, optical fiber has become the mainstream of data transmission. However, high-speed data transmission places higher demands on the optical performance, stability, and durability of optical fibers. This requires an efficient, accurate, and reliable testing system that can ensure the optimal performance of optical passive components. The Dimension optical passive component reliability testing system is the perfect solution to meet these needs.

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With the rapid development of information and communication technology, optical fiber has become the mainstream for data transmission. However, high-speed data transfer imposes greater demands on the optical performance, stability, and durability of optical fibers. This necessitates an efficient, precise, and reliable testing system to ensure optimal performance of passive optical components. The Dimension Optical Passive Device Reliability Testing System is the perfect solution that meets these requirements.


Main application

Standard Compatibility: Adheres to various international standards such as GR-326-CORE, GR-1435-CORE, GR-910-CORE, GR-1209-CORE, GR-2866-CORE, and Verizon FOC, ensuring global applicability and compatibility.

Optical Performance Assessment: Offers a thorough evaluation of optical performance for diverse passive optical components, ensuring products meet the highest standards.

Long-Term Stability Testing: Assessing product stability and reliability during prolonged usage through continuous monitoring over an extended period.

Key Features

1.Module Design:

Dimension's testing system allows for the assembly of different modules according to specific requirements. This provides comprehensive testing solutions for various optical passive devices. Whether it's existing devices in the market or new types of devices, they can receive thorough and precise evaluations.


2. Multifunctional Testing:

In addition to basic optical performance tests, the system integrates testing functions for environmental stability and aging experiments. This ensures that fiber optic products maintain excellent performance and stability in various environments.


3. Mobility and Integration:

The design team at Dimension recognizes the limitations of traditional testing equipment, which can only be used in fixed locations. Therefore, they have incorporated high mobility into the design. The device adopts the appearance of a rolling suitcase, integrating all testing modules and the upper computer for data processing inside the case. This ensures synchronous data processing and information collection, significantly improving testing efficiency. Moreover, it allows the device to independently perform testing tasks in any situation or location.


4. Tailored for the Production Manufacturing Testing Field:

The uniqueness of the Dimension Optical Unpowered Device Reliability Testing System lies in its true design for on-site use in the production manufacturing testing field. Whether on the production line, in engineering environments, or any setting requiring fast, precise testing, it demonstrates outstanding performance and significant advantages.

5. Improved Stability:

This testing system employs a higher-power and stable SLS light source, utilizing PLC for spectral splitting to meet the simultaneous testing needs. By avoiding external light interference in testing stability and uniformity caused by light on/off, it employs a more stable testing link for precise, one-on-one insertion loss stability testing.


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