OSA Officially Renamed as OPTICA!

OSA has officially changed its name to OPTICA as of September 20, 2021. OPTICA, formerly known as the Optical Society of America, is a leading international academic organization in the field of optics and photonics.



Established in 1916, OPTICA aims to promote the development, application, and preservation of knowledge in optics and photonics, extending its services to experts and scholars in various fields such as physics, biology, medicine, electrical engineering, communications, astronomy, meteorology, materials science, mechanical engineering, and computing.


The organization's database, Optics InfoBase, includes 14 OSA journals, 8 collaborative journals, OSA conference proceedings, and three major industry conference records (OFC, CLEO, FiO), along with the Optics Image Bank featuring over 200,000 selected professional images.


"We understand that a new name must be expansive enough to retain relevant to the future generations who will change our field and the world for the better."

"At the conclusion of many studies, Optica, advanced optics and photonics worldwide, emerging as the best representation of the Society."

The name change reflects the significant changes in the organization's structure and optical science and technology over its century-long history. OPTICA aims to advance optics and photonics worldwide, emphasizing its commitment to serving the scientific community in the coming century, where optics and photonics are expected to play a leading role in addressing global challenges.

The change in name will help to integrate the Society's publications (renamed as Optica Publishing Group), industry support, conferences, exhibitions, charity events, public affairs, etc. in a unified way through interesting and lively new appearances.


The transformation, initiated after 30 years of consideration, unifies OPTICA's publications (now Optica Publishing Group), industry support, conferences, exhibitions, charitable activities, and public affairs under a fresh and lively new identity.

Ian Walmsley, former president of the Optical Society of America in 2018, noted that the change was not sudden but part of a plan that began 30 years ago. The decision to rename was initially made in 1989 but faced opposition and was abandoned in May 1990. Today, with a different global context, the change is seen as timely and necessary.


For the field of optics/photonics research and OPTICA, this marks an exciting moment.

Dimensional Tech sincerely wishes OPTICA continued success, making significant contributions to the development and application of optics/photonics research.

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