Challenge high performance! DIMENSION Launches new Multi&single Mode Optical Attenuator!

The new generation of multi-mode programmable optical attenuatorintegrates years of technological iterations and innovations, and comprehensively upgrades the product. Attenuation accuracy, speed, range and other indicators have been comprehensively upgraded.The new attenuator has a built-in power meter for closed-loop monitoring of output power and supports multiple operating modes, perfectly adapting to the application scenario of testing the sensitivity of 800G/1.6T optical modules.

"New Generation High-Performance Product Unveiled - Multi&single Mode Optical Attenuator"


Main advantages

• Multi-mode ring flux control, calibration with multiple light sources
• Large attenuation range (MM>55dB, SM>40dB)
• Lower insertion loss, 200% increase in attenuation rate
• Ultra-high attenuation accuracy and repeatability
• Built-in power monitoring, three control modes
• Supports custom task settings and programming

Strictly control multi-mode EF (Encircled Flux), adaptable to different types of light source injection.


Test results after optimization: attenuation linearity ±0.10dB


Ultra-low insertion loss and ultra-fast attenuation speed.

The rate of mechanical attenuators has been upgraded from 25dB/s to 50dB/s, with full-range attenuation in 1.2 seconds; MEMS attenuators have been increased from 1000dB/s to 2000dB/s.


Built-in power monitoring with semi-open loop detection, controlling attenuation in three modes.


The all-new generation of attenuators has been designed with three control modes to cater to different application scenarios and meet various needs:

1) Power Monitor Mode;

2) Power Feedback Mode;

3)Attenuation Mode.


Programmable support for remote control and automatic testing, platform + modular design

For users with a high degree of automated integration in their testing systems, Dimension's new generation of programmable optical attenuators offers various remote control methods, including API interfaces, control commands encapsulated in LabVIEW statements, and OMEGA client software, etc., to help users quickly embed into the testing system. For use cases in laboratories and universities, providing a setup interface on visual software makes it more convenient for users. Therefore,Dimension Technology offers a highly customizable automatic attenuation task feature, allowing for quick test task setup.


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