OFC2024: Meet Dimension at Hall B2, booth #4834!

As a leading provider of optical fiber testing solutions, we are excited to announce the launch of our latest products at OFC2024. The event will be held at the San Diego Convention Center in California from March 26-28. We look forward to welcoming you at Hall B2, booth #4834!


Join us during this remarkable event as we passionately showcase groundbreaking innovations, spanning various aspects of optical communication testing, including manufacturing and engineering. Additionally, we'll unveil a series of new products and technologies.

Latest Solutions and Product Highlights:

800G/1.6T Solution

Dimension Technology offers detection and cleaning solutions for 800G/1.6T optical modules, adapting flexibly to various test requirements. Our product range primarily covers Protocol and signal testing, Optical performance test, and End cleaning and inspection.


On-Site Maintenance and Testing

Assisting in building an efficient, robust, and reliably high-quality fiber optic network system for you.


Tunable Laser Source & Wavelength Scan System

Dimension Technology's WST Wavelength Sweep Test features a highly accurate Tunable Laser source, providing sub-picometer wavelength resolution. Designed on the FreeDesign testing platform, users can customize the system configuration according to their needs. With high precision and reliability, the reusable light source and integrated software architecture meet the measurement requirements of complex optical communication networks.


BeamHere Laser Spot Analyzer

Dimension-Labs launched the BeamHere Laser Spot analyzer series with general software to achieve a complete beam quality analysis function. The BeamHere Series has perfect functions, enabling testing and evaluation of beam shaping, focused spot, and beam collimation. It provides spot parameters meeting ISO11146 standards, such as beam width, peak center, and ellipticity.


Multi-channel polarity IRL

Dimension Technology's Multi-channel polarity IRL,through innovative design and technology, accomplishes a three-in-one automatic test for IL, RL, and polarity in multi-core optical fibers. This device not only provides straightforward polarity determination but also features a polarity learning function, ensuring both the reliability and accuracy of IL and RL measurements while enhancing efficiency.

Explore a myriad of classic testing products and equipment at our booth – all here, live!


Welcome to join us!

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